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At 3 or 4 in the morning, because I am a nocturnal gremlin, I see a notification for a comment, and that comment says "Congratulations on the DD!"...

Yato Cry Icon

I remember how when I first joined dA as a kid (9 years ago, whew), Daily Deviations were such a big deal. If you didn't know, they used to have a bottom bar on nearly every page of the site (and there were probably more people active at the time), so getting a DD meant instant fame, haha. Now, they've kinda lost their former glory, but still, it's been an old dream of mine so I'm very happy to receive one after all this time. Thanks so much to Crande for suggesting and Lady-Suchiko for featuring!

Butterfly Grave by driftwoodwolf <—and it was for my butterfly boy, too! *gross sobbing*

/actually a day or two ago I noticed the "See Also: driftwoodwolf's daily deviations" text when I clicked All in my gallery and thought it was some kind of site bug :'D
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Hello, friends! I actually meant to make a Patreon later, after I'd started a comic or something, but their new policy is going into effect soon so, change of plans!

Star! HERE IT IS! Star! 

Currently, I make no money from my art besides a few bucks from zines and a print sale from my store once in a blue moon (that's why I still consider myself a "hobbyist"). I'm bad at self-promotion because of my low self-esteem/self-confidence, but if you think my work is worth something I would greatly appreciate the support! I only have one tier, pay what you want with a minimum of $1 per month. That's not much, right?

My Patreon will be run through a Discord server, with the following rewards:
  • digital and traditional sketches/lines, process shots that I've saved up over the years and rarely post elsewhere!
  • high-res finished artwork
  • general chat and commentary, early updates on new projects/events
  • influence what I draw next (occasionally)
  • 10% discount at my store
...with the possibility of more to be added later :>

If the thought of a subscription is scary, I've also made a ko-fi for one-time donations!

And if you're completely broke, you can still help me out by boosting my Tumblr/Twitter posts:……

Thank you! Heart 

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*see bottom for raffle results*

I had an amazing (and exhausting) time in Japan! Since I wasn't working this time around, it was sightseeing/fun all day, everyday >:] A lot of the places we went to I'd already been to before so I'll just list the new stuff:

-Enjoying the cherry blossoms in bloom everywhere (we even had a proper hanami)
-Getting to see Eve, another utaite/singer I like, live in Nagoya (we stood one row away from the stage!!)
-Watching the Tsukino Empire stage play with a friend and getting high-fived by Shun (ok so I don't know much about Tsukipro but it was fun)
-Experiencing the teamLab Planets Exhibit + Digitized Hiroshima Castle
-Feeding the monkeys at Monkey Park Iwatayama in Kyoto
-Visiting Kintaikyo Bridge and a friend in Takehara
-Feeding the bunnies on Ōkunoshima (aka Rabbit Island)
-Staying at a fancy hotel w/ a private onsen and Mt. Fuji views for one night
-Going to the Pokémon Cafe and Square Enix Cafe (with a Kingdom Hearts III theme)
-Seeing yabusame (horseback archery) at Asakusa
-Going to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival

And now, for the raffle results! According to Google...

Raffle by driftwoodwolf

Which means the winner is soft-ghost! Congrats and thanks so much to everyone who entered!
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Hey everyone, I'm holding my first art raffle ever! Since I don't take regular commissions, this could be your only chance to get a drawing from me in a long while...


The winner will receive a full rendered headshot/bust of one character!

Butterfly Grave by driftwoodwolf Burning Heart by driftwoodwolf Finger Pencil (Fukase) by driftwoodwolf
^in a style similar to these, more or less anime based on what you like, simple background

I seriously doubt this will happen, but if I can get at least 10% of my watchers on dA to participate (let's say 600 individual entries, not tickets), there will be 2 winners! And if magically we reach 1000 entries... I will add a sketch prize b/c I don't think I'll have time to do 3 full paintings :'D


Star! REQUIRED (+1 raffle ticket)
  • Must be watching me (new watchers welcome)
  • Follow me on Twitter, if you aren't already following me:

  • Retweet any one of my art posts to a non-private Twitter (I would prefer if you did not quote tweet, just retweet normally)—you can use the Media tab and keep scrolling until you find a piece you like, or you can find a piece you like from my dA gallery and use the link to the Twitter post in the description (+1 additional raffle ticket
  • Promote this raffle on dA with a journal or status post linking to it (+1 additional raffle ticket)

  • Comment on this journal telling me what you've done (including a link to your Twitter so I can confirm) and I'll give you 1, 2, or 3 ticket numbers accordingly! That's it!
Okay, so obviously the purpose of this raffle is to promote my Twitter, haha. I actually like Twitter a decent amount so far, but I'm regretting not making one sooner. I feel like I need a boost. If this raffle goes well I will consider starting one for Instagram or Tumblr, for those of you who don't have a Twitter and/or don't like Twitter (sorry guys).

(If you were wondering why my Twitter is mostly in Japanese, it's for fun/practice. Twitter has a pretty handy built-in Translate button, though, and I'll probably post more in English in the future.)


  • Concerning what I will and won't draw for the winner(s)
    • Will happily draw: fan art, your precious OC, any gender, light blood/gore
    • Won't draw: anthro (unless most facial features are human), real people, nsfw
    • I reserve the right to refuse anything I don't want to draw, in which case we can work out an alternative
  • I am not obligated to post or not post the completed drawing(s) to dA (though it's likely they will be posted)
  • Please don't unfollow/unwatch after the raffle is over, I will be very sad if you do ):


The deadline will be April 25th at 11:59pm EST. I'm giving this a long run!

*Apologies in advance for delays in giving out raffle numbers. I will be out and about and very busy these next few weeks!
(Sorry for another aimless and messy journal. Please feel free to ignore.)

Style is something that many artists anguish over, including me. Everyone wants to know how to find their own style, and everyone else says "you'll find it as you improve," or "you don't go looking for style, it finds you," and all that. Well, as someone who's been drawing for 15+ years, I'm still not sure if my style will ever find me.

Before I get into my own situation, I want to explain how I categorize style. I think style is mainly evident from one or a combination of three things: anatomy, rendering, and color palette. Maybe there are some other factors, but I think for the most part those three categories cover all the bases. First off is anatomy. What are the proportions like? Realistic or semi-realistic or cartoon/anime faces? Does the artist have a certain way of drawing eyes? (I realize this is written with people who draw mostly humans/animals in mind, but it can easily be applied to any subject. E.g., imagine the difference between a cartoon tree and a realistic tree.) Next, rendering. How does the artist build up the image? What is the linework like, if there are lines? Flat cell-shading or textured brushstrokes or smooth blending? These are just a few examples of rendering considerations. Finally, color palette. Does the artist stick to muted tones, saturated tones, black and white, etc.? I'll throw lighting under this category as well, since light is depicted with colors.

Okay, so I said one or a combination of the three, because you only really need one for a cohesive look to your work. There are plenty of artists who obviously don't draw the exact same way every time, but you can still feel that it's their style. For instance, consider an artist who switches constantly between different proportions/faces/eyes but they always use a similar palette or rendering technique. Or, an artist who uses wildly different rendering techniques and palettes but always draws faces a particular way. It's about having something recognizable.

I think the main reason why everyone wants a style is because it's a mark of identity. Style can give a feeling of security—maybe you aren't the most skilled artist out there, but hey, at least you have a style. And based on what I've seen, and every article out there, stylistic consistency does matter when it comes to attracting a following and professional work. I'm not just talking about online digital art, either. Successful gallery artists have one theme, and they stick to it, whether that's moody cityscapes or portraits with wild colors or photorealistic cake.

As for me, I guess I've always found it difficult to choose one thing, and not just when it comes to drawing. There are just so many things that I want to do, you know? A lot of people say style comes naturally, but I think it must be a conscious decision to draw things one way and not another. Those professional artists who draw in cute anime styles could draw something quite realistic if they really wanted to. I could take any one of my drawings and make sure that every piece I produce from now on is drawn in that style. (I already do that for game projects, of course.) I know it would make my life easier, make my portfolio cohesive, and maybe even make me happier. But somehow, I can't imagine making myself draw things the same way forever and ever. Nothing has ever called out to me as the one way I should draw things.

At best, I can say maybe I'm just the kind of artist who has a couple different styles, but I still think there's nothing there to unify everything, nothing holding me back from drawing something completely different the next time around. And that's just a formula for existential crisis.

Ganymede by driftwoodwolf Butterfly Grave by driftwoodwolf <—Do these look like they were drawn by the same person, at all? Who is driftwoodwolf!?

I'm probably going to get some comments telling me, "But you do have a style!" and I welcome you to try to explain my style to me, haha. It's true that we have a harder time judging our own work. I know that I tend to use less saturated colors and sometimes draw faces similarly, but it never felt enough to constitute a style for me. At any rate, I will continue to do my best no matter what style I happen to be using, but I hope that the day when I can feel like a style is truly "mine" will come.
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Anime and Manga Week

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to intern in Tokyo, and during that time of course I had to check out the largest fan convention in the world. If you're fond of anime and manga, you may be familiar with it. Or not! Either way, I'm here to talk a little about Comiket and my personal experience attending this massive event.


Comic Market (or Comiket/Comike, as it's more commonly known) is a doujinshi convention that takes place twice a year, three days in August (Summer Comiket, or Natsukomi) and three days in Winter (Winter Comiket, or Fuyukomi). Held for the first time in 1975, it now has an attendance of around half a million. That's a lot of people!

Comiket is held at Tokyo Big Sight.

First, I should probably explain the term doujinshi. They are self-published comics that are often derivative fan works based on games, anime, etc. But there are also doujinshi that are completely original stories, and some authors will write doujinshi based on their own published manga. Doujin by itself refers to self-produced work beyond just comics—video games, music, novels, and even clothing, all of which is available at Comiket. (This article explains doujinshi in greater detail.)

Comiket, as its name suggests, is basically a giant market with rows upon rows of booths where people (attempt to) sell their doujin. Approximately 35,000 creators (or "circles," as they're called) participate, with different circles exhibiting each day. In addition, there are a few corporate booths that stick around to sell official merchandise. Think of it as a gigantic Artist Alley, except most people are selling comics rather than prints.

This is what it looks like on the inside! (Not my photo.)

Entrance to the convention is free, but you can opt to buy a copy of the physical catalog (which includes an index of every circle and maps) in advance.

NOTE: The upcoming 2019 Comiket will be a four-day convention and there is the possibility of an entrance fee!

The Battle

If you've ever seen a character in an anime or manga treating Comiket like a battle, they're not exaggerating (okay, maybe a little). The key to a successful Comiket experience is preparation. With 35,000 circles, there's simply no time to visit them all, especially when the hours are only from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM! I attended all three days of Winter Comiket in 2016 (C91). Each day, I made a list of booths I planned to visit and where they were located.

Map of all the halls, from the Comike Web Catalog.

Although 70% of participating circles lose money, especially popular booths can actually sell out of their work or run out of ”novelty" items, which are first-come-first-served freebies, so there's an incentive to get into the convention as early as possible. (The weirdest novelty item I've ever gotten is an engraved rice paddle, by the way.)

On my second day, I was worried about long lines at some of the booths I wanted to go to, so I decided to go for the full Comiket experience (of suffering) and took the first train in the morning, arriving at Tokyo Big Sight around 6:00 AM. This meant waiting in the cold and dark for four hours before opening time, but I sure wasn't alone. (Some people start queuing up before midnight!)

We sat on the ground in the dark!

Was it worth it? Well... it turned out the artists I'd wanted to visit the most didn't even have lines, but it was a cool experience nonetheless to be a part of the first big group entering the convention center. And after I had stopped by my priority tables, I didn't have to wait in a ridiculously long line to buy from one of the super popular circles.

The Cosplay

While cosplay is very much a thing at Comiket, it's quite different from cosplay at conventions in America. Cosplayers don't arrive in their cosplays; instead, they must pay a fee to use the dressing rooms at the convention. And while there may be a couple of people wandering around the booths, or even manning the booths, most cosplayers will be hanging out at the designated cosplay areas around the convention.

I wasn't going out of my way to take photos of cosplay, but I managed to run into a wonderful Noctis and the famous Sailor Fuku Ojisan. Pure luck!

Sadly, I have no info on Noctis, but Sailor Fuku Ojisan has a Twitter.

The Experience

What I loved about Comiket was the chance to meet, greet, and support creators I admire. Some professional mangaka regularly participate in circles and are happy to give out autographs! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that utaite (singers who post online to Nico Nico Douga and other sites) set up shop at the convention as well. Lastly, Comiket is just a great place to stumble upon amazing artists and find merch for series that don't get a lot of official merch. You can really feel the love that goes into all the work.

At the very start of Comiket and at the end of the last day, everybody claps. Otsukaresama! (Good job!)

Here's just a small portion of my haul from C91 (if you click on the images, I've written the artists' social media links in the descriptions):

Mitsuki Emi by driftwoodwolf  Est Em by driftwoodwolf  Tsukimori Mizuki by driftwoodwolf  SOTC+ Ico by driftwoodwolf  Hatoful by driftwoodwolf 

Other Conventions

You may be wondering, is this what all anime/manga conventions are like in Japan? And I definitely don't want you to get that impression! Comiket is a doujinshi convention, but there are also conventions like Jump Festa and AnimeJapan that are industry-sponsored events with fancy exhibitions, stage performances, exciting announcements, etc.

And these giant inflatable characters!

Still, Comiket remains #1 in terms of attendance, which goes to show the love people have for independent creators.

More Information

Comiket's official website:
The Comike Web Catalog (account required to view details):
Jump Festa's official website (JP):
AnimeJapan's official website:

(Sorry for the long and meandering post. Just needed to share my thoughts somewhere and on dA there's a chance someone might actually read it, haha. You can just ignore.)

You may or may not have noticed, but these past few days I've been drawing some Kingdom Hearts fan art, mostly for the redrawKH tag on Twitter, that I haven't posted to DeviantArt. And the reason is, if I'm being honest, I'm not satisfied with how they turned out. Actually, it pains me a bit to look at them, because I feel like I've let myself down. I like my DeviantArt gallery very much, and I don't want to pollute it with my mediocre fan art.

Before I say anything else, I enjoy drawing fan art. I like a lot of things. I have favorite games, favorite shows, favorite books, favorite characters. But I've never been the kind of artist that can draw mostly fan art, the kind of artist that can take advantage of trends, and especially not the kind of artist that can draw fan art consistently for one thing. This week, as I've rushed myself to draw for the tag, I found myself becoming increasingly burnt out and unhappy. (Even though it was only two drawings haha.)

Sometimes drawing fan art, especially simple fan art (i.e. portraits) forces me to face the fact that I don't really have a style (or, a style I like). With original work, at least my ideas can amount to something. But when I draw fan art and it's not some elaborate composition, I feel like my identity is lost in some generic semi-realistic face. (That's... a whole other dilemma...)

And then I think, why am I doing this to myself? For the sake of a few retweets? Lately, I've been feeling this pressure/anxiety, as if the world is leaving me behind. If I don't draw X by X date, no one will care anymore. And honestly, that's true (to an extent). Sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Pixiv are about drawing the right thing at the right time, catering to fandoms, aesthetics, etc. (I can say my small Tumblr following is probably 75% thanks to fan art.) And to tell the truth, when a post does well, I feel good. I think all artists feel good when a post does well, because it means you did something "right," right?

But, this lingering horrible feeling stems from the fact that I'm not really putting out my best work. I'm not taking the time to draw what I want to draw or should be drawing, and it shows. And more and more, I am realizing that I'm only ever truly happy when I myself am satisfied with my work, and no amount of compliments or likes from other people will change how I really feel about a piece. The problem is, I'm rarely satisfied :'D but I want to work toward that happiness.

tldr: social media sure is stressful oh boy

/despite all the stress, I am still... very excited for Kingdom Hearts 3

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I almost wasn't going to submit a journal, but now I have a lot I want to say...
  1. I want to improve my social media presence, same as last year. I think I've done pretty well on dA, but I need to put in more effort on other sites. I've realized now that, while dA has an awesome community and you are all so nice to me, I don't think I'll ever be able to reach the audiences I want to reach with dA alone.

    Side resolution: I have be more aggressive in terms of promotion (of my store, of myself, etc.) because the sales/engagement won't come otherwise! So far I have only sold one print (online) that wasn't to a friend, close friend of a friend, or my Mom's friend. It's tough :'D

  2. I want to use time more efficiently. It might be time for me to stop thanking people for watches and replying to every "Thanks for the llama!" comment I get. I've always liked to respond to messages but these days I find it taking up more and more of my time. Sadly, it's become kind of exhausting, and all that time could be spent on other things (like drawing more). I will continue to respond to all other comments, though!

  3. Drawing-wise, I want to work on drawing more landscapes and clothing designs (possibly adopts!). I want to draw some comics and at the very least start planning out some longer story ideas.

  4. I want to design and sell some enamel pins. The plan is to start a Kickstarter (but I am worried that it will fail and my already low self-confidence will sink even lower haha).

  5. I need to put more effort into my Japanese studies. This goes along with #2...
Thanks as always for sticking with me and have a Happy New Year!

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Since I've noticed many of my recent watchers are new to DeviantArt, I wanted to write up a little something about what I consider to be one of the most malicious and underhanded practices of art theft on this site. It's so frustrating because a lot of people, especially new deviants, fall for it. So I hope you are able to learn something from this journal.

First off, what is a render? Renders are typically images or other media generated by software. 3D models and data are "rendered" into 2D images by programs like Maya, Blender, etc. Videos are "rendered" out of After Effects. The word also refers to the act of making art. You "render" an image by hand. However, the term has been wrongly (but now widely) used to refer to the act of erasing the background of already existing artwork, making it transparent and, I guess, easy to slap onto other backgrounds to use as signatures, banners, etc.

There is nothing wrong with this, as long as permission is properly obtained and credits are properly given. But that's usually not the case. Some people will even slap their own watermark/signature on the image and ask that people credit them instead for erasing the background :/

How they get away with it

What I find most infuriating is when I see these so-called "render artists" end up with thousands of watchers and on the front page because they've basically deceived others into thinking they drew the art themselves. And here's how they do it:
  1. They provide no credits, or provide vague credits (no link, or simply "credit to the artist"<—wow, that tells me nothing!). Even if they provide credits, it's still wrong to use work like that without permission!…

  2. They count on the fact that most people don't read the artist comments. Even if you read it, vague credits are often assumed to be "oh, you used someone else's texture/brush," rather than "oh this is someone else's art entirely."

  3. They use the word "render" to trick people who don't know what it means. If you didn't know about this additional meaning, you'd think "render" meant they drew it, right? I've seen one guy respond to comments saying "It's so beautiful!" with "It's just a render, but thanks!"... If you didn't know the meaning, doesn't it sound like he's just being shy about his drawing abilities?

  4. Related to the last point: They reply to comments vaguely, never flat-out admitting they didn't draw the piece. When people praise them for the "amazing drawing," they thank everyone, never responding with "I didn't draw this!" Hmm...

  5. They make sure to steal only high-quality art from Pixiv, so their gallery looks like one of a skilled anime artist. Also, it's harder to get the work removed because the original artists have to report the violation and those original artists are Japanese.

What to do about all of this?

First off, please be aware of the signs. Be suspicious:
  • If it's labeled as a render, of course
  • If there's no background
  • If the person's entire gallery is full of anime art with no backgrounds
  • If the person's gallery is full of art with obviously differing styles
  • If the person is posting super polished, high-quality art at a rate that seems impossible
Check your favorites if you remember having come across a render. Don't support these people, support the original artists.

Inform the original artist if possible. That's the only way to get the stolen art taken down, unfortunately. I wrote up a rough guide of how to contact Japanese artists a while back: How to contact a Japanese artist about stolen art

Lastly, please spread the word about renders. The reason why these people are able to get thousands of watchers, favorites, etc. is because they have fooled and continue to fool people who don't know what "renders" are. You can share this journal, or make your own post about it.
I know I already made a status post but I wanted to write up an actual journal entry to talk a bit more about it (and for those of you who might not be on notifications for status posts).

After a million years, my Storenvy shop is finally open for business:

Store by driftwoodwolf

The main purpose of this shop (for now) is to sell leftover prints, buttons, etc. The prices are the same as my convention prices, and as you can see you can snag a discount print for as low as $3 (plus shipping, which I'll touch on next)!


Star! Cards: $2 to US / $3 to Canada / $3.50 to everywhere else

Star! Small prints: $2 to US / $3.50 to Canada / $4.50 to everywhere else

Star! Large prints + buttons: $3.50 to US / $10 to Canada / $12.50 to everywhere else

Shipping prices are based on estimates from my local post office and I've tried to keep them fairly low (slight adjustments may occur if I find out those estimates were a bit off). Unfortunately, there is a jump in costs for international shipments including large prints and/or buttons because USPS considers them to be parcels rather than large envelopes. However, parcel shipments come with tracking. It's not listed here but I've also set up an option to pay extra for tracking for small prints or cards. Basically this means paying the parcel price, so cards would be $3.50 to the US, $10 to Canada, etc.

There is an additional fee that Storenvy tacks on that ranges from $0.59 to $1.99 based on the total price which is unavoidable, but it seems like it doesn't go over that amount.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to encourage you to buy stuff, haha OTL

I've also made a post on Tumblr about it:…


On an unrelated note, I finished Final Fantasy XV today after playing pretty much nonstop the past few days. Maaaybe expect some fan art, eventually? Also, my senior project game is releasing sometime within the next few weeks on Steam and Xbox. I'll definitely make a journal when it comes out, but if you are interested, we do have our Steam page up already:…
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Hey, I graduated this past Friday! and nearly died on the bus ride back from the ceremony when a very heavy metal overhead air conditioning cover (?) became unscrewed and crashed down into the aisle right next to my seat (゚Д゚; ) But the important thing is I'm done with college!! No more stressing about grades. Now I can officially say I've gotten straight A's my entire life, which sounds cool but probably wasn't worth all the anxiety and my shortened lifespan from lack of sleep :'D

Anyway, I'm grateful to have been able to work with a good team for senior project. We will be releasing our game on Steam and Xbox near the end of summer. I'll make a post about it when the time comes.

As for what I'll be doing now, first I gotta clean my house and plan a lot for all the projects I want to do! You can reasonably expect some of the following within the next year:

-Merch! (button pins, charms, all that jazz)
-A Kickstarter (for enamel pins)
-A functional online shop (managed by me)
-A webcomic!?
-Livestreams/process videos
-Maaaybe a Patreon
-Other things I'm probably forgetting

Additionally, I want to play more video games, read more books, and watch more shows. I also want to get back into recording piano videos, and I want to finally try out that Vocaloid I bought a while back (Fukase) for some cover songs and/or original works. Also need to continue my Japanese studies and get some exercise in haha... Even though I have time now it seems like so much stuff :')

Thanks for sticking around!
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Belated New Year's Resolutions

Fri Jan 12, 2018, 11:32 PM
This is pretty late but I wanted to write up something! I'm graduating college in June so it will be a pretty important year. Anyway, here we go:

1) put my best effort into my senior project until the very end

2) improve my social media presence

3) work on drawing backgrounds and clothing designs

4) read more in Japanese

5) actually exercise haha

After college, I'm planning on taking some time for personal projects. I have some ideas for a Kickstarter, comics, etc. that I'd like to try out. Thanks for your support!

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**UPDATE! 11/9/18 With the help of a friend + observing the replies of Japanese artists, I have adjusted the template to include better terminology and read more smoothly.

While this method can only get one or two works removed at a time, dA has a three-strike system! With enough DMCA takedowns, dA will ban/deactivate the account. As of now I've used this to get 2 art thieves banned. It works, guys!


I'm sick of seeing art thieves get away with posting work from artists on Pixiv because the process to get a piece taken down isn't exactly easy. The original artist needs to be the one contacting DeviantArt in order for anything to be done about it, but when the original artist is Japanese the language barrier becomes an issue. I got really pissed off the other day when I saw stolen art nearly on the front page so I decided to take matters into my own hands. My weak Japanese skills might be useful for once haha...

First off, find the original artist and contact them. You will probably need to make a Pixiv account to message them there, though some artists are operating on Tumblr as well. Check the artist's profile to see if they can understand English. If so, great, then you don't need any help. If not, you'll need to send them a message in Japanese.

You can use my example:

:star: Be careful of just copying/pasting because DeviantArt unfortunately shortens the wiki link even in the copy.

[Name of the artist you are contacting]さん、こんにちは。[Name of the artist you are contacting]さんの絵がDeviantArtというサイト無断で転載されたことに気づきました:[link to the stolen deviation here]


少し古いかもしれませんがDeviantArtについて日本語wikiもありますのでどうぞご利用ください:… そして、フォームの翻訳はこちら

(If your Japanese is at a level where you would be able to respond a bit, you can switch out the first sentence here for 下手な日本語ですみません。)

The translation:

Hello. I noticed your work has been posted without your permission on a site called DeviantArt. The fact is, unless it's a complaint from the original artist DeviantArt admin can't do anything about it. If you fill out this form you can report it. (In order to use this form you need a DeviantArt account. Even without an account, you can email DeviantArt.) It might be a bit old, but there's a Japanese wiki about DeviantArt you can use. Also, here's the translation for the form. Sorry I don't understand Japanese. I hope the stolen drawing will be successfully deleted.

As you can see, I made a simple translation of dA's DMCA Takedown Request form which the message links to:

DMCA (Japanese Guide) by driftwoodwolf

If there's anything I screwed up (I know there's probably a more eloquent way to say this) or you have a question about, let me know! Hope this was helpful.
It's been 6 years since I first joined dA. I became fond of "Purpllamas" even though it was one of those stupid names you come up with on a whim. Since I now have a tumblr and website under "driftwoodwolf" I figured I should eventually make the change. Was gonna do it after graduation but why not now, I guess...

As for things going on now, I've got one more year of school till I graduate. Which means the number of major group game projects are increasing. This quarter I also ended up with a very unreasonable Art History professor, so I ended up withdrawing from a class for the first time in my life. I don't know when I'll have time to draw anything major until break (I don't have summer break though, because of my school's quarter system), but thanks for sticking with me.

Hello from driftwoodwolf!
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Hey guys! It's been an amazing 6 months interning in Japan. I got to go to so many places and do so many things! If I were to cover everything in detail, it would take around 40 pages (that's how long my journal for the trip is) so here are just a few highlights:

-Getting to see my name in the credits of a TV drama! :'>
-Going to Kyoto, Okayama, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Himeji
-Feeding the deer in Nara Park
-Going to a host club (was not on my to-do-list haha)
-Spending a day at Miyagi Zao Fox Village
-Hedgehog cafe, bird cafe, owl cafe, butler cafe, maid cafe, crossdressing vampire cafe (it exists), Alice Cafe, Square Enix Cafe, Capcom Bar
-Kamakura + Enoshima + Enoshima Aquarium
-Exploring Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes, Aokigahara
-Winter Comiket 91, Jump Festa 2016, Anime Japan 2017
-Seeing my favorite utaite Mafumafu in concert
-Watching the Noragami stage play
-Seeing Death Note: The Concert
-Getting to see capybara soaking in an onsen
-Going to DisneySea

I've been posting a few photos to my tumblr:

But I'm back now and school starts tomorrow! Just gotta last one more year... Also I've been letting my messages on here pile up, sorry about that! When I find more time I'll try and reply to old stuff.
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Yeah, I'm in Seoul now! But I can't speak any Korean haha...

Some exciting news: at my fantastic internship, I was given the opportunity to draw stuff for a Christmas Special that aired on KTV! The drama is called Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienai tte Omotteta (Watakoi for short) and features Mikako Tabe (from Kimi ni Todoke). It takes place at a company that makes otome games so I drew/designed various windows, buttons, backgrounds, and illustrations for fake otome games. I'm so happy that I was able to draw ikemen in Japan :')

Here's more info on the drama:

If by chance you are able to watch it in the future, here are the things I worked on:
-Tokugawa windows/buttons + bg illustration
-"Oresama" type windows/buttons + the dude
-"Falling into a river together" illustration

I was also fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the Virtue's Last Reward zine, so I'll be working on that when I take a break from tourism. Sorry for the inactivity and thanks for sticking around, as always.

Happy Holidays! I'll be alone this Christmas and maybe New Years too, can't be helped TuT

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Hi everyone! I've been living in Tokyo for two weeks now. My internship is exhausting, but interesting. I work 9 hours a day with a 2-hour total commute, so I kinda just pass out after getting back to my apartment and eating dinner. Don't expect me to be very active on here in the near future, haha. Even though I really want to draw something for myself again...

I also reached 600 watchers recently. Thanks for sticking around.

By the way, I made an INPRNT, if anyone was interested in prints (probably not):…
Shipping costs are pretty out there but they have free shipping deals every now and then.

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Sorry, I've been pretty inactive these past few weeks, letting my messages pile up!
Due to finals at school and planning out a lot of stuff I haven't had much time...

I never made an official post about it, but in three weeks I'll be flying to Japan!
I'm really excited. I'll be there for six months, doing two game internships~
aaaaah I'm excited but nervous :')
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Hey everyone! I'm back from Otakon, running on two hours of sleep, and have class in about two hours, but I really wanted to write about this, get a few things off my chest.

General Overview

Otakon 2016 started off well—there was pretty much no line on Thursday for artists, quite a few people recognized my ZTD Akane cosplay, and after that I had a great time at the Lotus Juice + Shihoko Hirata performance at the Matsuri (the first rap was Noratan from Noragami!). Unfortunately, the shoes I wore really killed my feet. I think this has happened every year at Otakon.

On Friday, I went to Opening Ceremonies to see all the guests. After that, I spent the day at my table in the Alley. An artist at a table across from ours gave me a free Tekkonkinkreet print because I was wearing my Shiro cosplay! That night, I went to the Yui Makino concert. I really enjoyed it; she's such an amazing singer and played the piano too (and the first song was from Angel Beats!). I was glad I knew enough Japanese that I could understand what she was saying without the translator, haha. I think softer/quieter songs sound much better at concerts because I can actually hear the melody and not just a jumble of noise...

On Saturday, I went to the Zero Escape photoshoot. My friends who were originally planning to go kind of blew me off because of their Overwatch photoshoot, but luckily another friend from college stopped by just in time to take photos for me. Well, most of them turned out blurry, but at least I have some, haha. I want to see the photos that other people took but at the same time, I'm dreading finding myself in them because 9 times out of 10 I look absolutely horrible... I like cosplay but I don't like my face, such a dilemma...

On Sunday, I was exhausted but made my way around the Dealer's Room and went to the ALL OFF concert. They were very energetic, but like I said, I don't think rock sounds as good live (not in that place, at least) and I was also trying my best to keep my eyes open.

Artist Alley

This year, I sold more prints and took fewer commissions. Still didn't get much sleep, though, since I'm really not cut out for on-the-spot commissions. I actually sold out of my Junpei print (so many Zero Escape fans!) and almost sold out of my Persona print (I traded away the last one), which was very cool. In the end, though, I think it's kind of depressing how an artist's success at the Alley depends so much on drawing the right fan art. This year, everyone's obsessed about Overwatch, but I don't really enjoy those kinds of games. (My friends have been talking non-stop about it too, so I'm tired of it, to be honest.) The best feeling was when this one girl bought both color palettes of my painting of Luka because she liked them both and said she was going to put them up side by side when she moves into her dorm. And I did sell some other original pieces. But I wonder if those kinds of moments are worth the exhaustion and lingering unhappiness I have? Well, I'm grateful to everyone who stopped by and said nice things. I made a profit, but not very much. Sorry if I sound bitter, I'm just thinking about how my work lacks appeal from a business standpoint and wondering if I should even bother with AA again next year. Also, I'm kind of bummed that I never got a good picture of me and my friend sitting at our table.

Because my friends bought Overwatch body pillows, I decided to treat myself and get a double-sided Fire Emblem Fates Leo/Takumi body pillow. I didn't buy much else. After the close of the Alley, I traded prints with some nice people nearby.

All in all, I felt about the same as I did last year. Nothing will beat Otakon 2014, I think.
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It's our second year at Otakon's Artist Alley! We'll be at N-11, "Could Use Dragons"! I'll be taking some commissions, but definitely not as many as last year because I'm still taking classes... no summer break at my college ):

As for cosplay plans, I'll be Akane from Zero Time Dilemma, and maybe Junpei too! :>

Even if you're not going, you can help spread the word on tumblr by reblogging our post—>…

Table2 by driftwoodwolf
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