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Amy, with the perpetual cough
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**PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY WORK TO TWITTER! pls I have a Twitter account :'>

Hi! I'm Amy, and my sleep schedule is... getting worse. Somewhat involved in game design. Trying my hand at Vocaloid + music production when I have the time. My dream is to draw something beautiful and actually be happy and satisfied with my work, preferably before this cough kills me...

I don't like to stick to just one style, and I draw at my own pace (which may be frequent or infrequent), so please be aware. Also, I am a fan of many things but do not expect me to draw more than a few pieces for any particular fandom :'D

I love comments and try to reply to all of them. Sometimes it might take a while, though. Thank you very much for the favorites and watches, I really appreciate the support!



(Twitter is mostly in Japanese but I'm trying to be active!!)

:star::star::star: MY SHOP: StorenvyINPRNT (Storenvy ships from me) (If you would like to play some of my games!)


<—the lovely background patterns are by cryptovolans/cryptosilver (slightly desaturated)

deviant #13733070

Teru Teru Bozu Kokuri-San Icon by Griffonmender Yato stamp 3!!! by Chloroplasticc

The Truth Behind So-called 'Renders'Since I've noticed many of my recent watchers are new to DeviantArt, I wanted to write up a little something about what I consider to be one of the most malicious and underhanded practices of art theft on this site. It's so frustrating because a lot of people, especially new deviants, fall for it. So I hope you are able to learn something from this journal.
First off, what is a render? Renders are typically images or other media generated by software. 3D models and data are "rendered" into 2D images by programs like Maya, Blender, etc. Videos are "rendered" out of After Effects. The word also refers to the act of making art. You "render" an image by hand. However, the term has been wrongly (but now widely) used to refer to the act of erasing the background of already existing artwork, making it transparent and, I guess, easy to slap onto other backgrounds to use as signatures, banners, etc.
There is nothing wrong with this, as long as permission is properly obtained and credits
How to contact a Japanese artist about stolen art**UPDATE! 11/9/18 With the help of a friend + observing the replies of Japanese artists, I have adjusted the template to include better terminology and read more smoothly.
While this method can only get one or two works removed at a time, dA has a three-strike system! With enough DMCA takedowns, dA will ban/deactivate the account. As of now I've used this to get 2 art thieves banned. It works, guys!

I'm sick of seeing art thieves get away with posting work from artists on Pixiv because the process to get a piece taken down isn't exactly easy. The original artist needs to be the one contacting DeviantArt in order for anything to be done about it, but when the original artist is Japanese the language barrier becomes an issue. I got really pissed off the other day when I saw stolen art nearly on the front page so I decided to take matters into my own hands. My weak Japanese skills might be useful for once haha...
First off, find the original artist and contact them. You will pr
<—my template for contacting Japanese artists about art theft! :star::star::star:


New piano cover! Not my best tbh (you can clearly see me mess up at the end haha) but I didn't feel like recording anymore and wanted to get this song out of my system. I used to play this a lot back in the day.

Quick update: I'm going to Japan next week and will be there for nearly a month! Of course I'll be less active, but I might be able to post some old zine work. Also, I'll be holding an art raffle during this period, so look forward to that~
This Sasuke meme that's been going around Twitter is my new favorite, I just can't get over the contrast :'D Here's one I was compelled to make this morning:…
Thanks again for all the warm birthday wishes!

Check out this amazing gift my friend Bug/noisyghost drew for me:… (it's my character Buckles Galore) :heart:
New prints are available in my shop!

The Inventor's Son by driftwoodwolf  Burning Heart by driftwoodwolf  Siren by driftwoodwolf  Chamber of Waking by driftwoodwolf  IT'S BEAUTIFUL by driftwoodwolf

The Link is holographic! You can see how sparkly it is in a video I took:… (if you like it I'd super appreciate a retweet ;w; )

Star! Star! 

In other news, for some reason Storenvy was defaulting international customers to my most expensive shipping price. I fixed that with a workaround :thumbsup:
It is a sad day when a "render" makes it to the front page of dA with 700+ favorites. The funny thing is, the original artist has a dA account too (and yes I have notified). Honestly, this needs to stop.
It's mine at last!! The legendary... golden llama 'le gasp'  all according to keikaku muahaha... only took me 8 years :'D

Time to aim for 25,000 now! :eager:
I'm so excited to show you guys the piece I've been working on this past week! Except it's for a zine, so I probably won't be able to upload until next year... TwT All I can say is, expect more Noctis in the future~
If you have any interest in the game Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, I'm participating in a fanzine for it! Preorders are now open until Dec. 1, with all proceeds going to TELLJP, a suicide prevention program in Japan.

Tumblr post with more info:…
My preview image:…
Tictail store link:

(I don't expect many people to know about Fragile Dreams, but if you liked it please consider getting this zine! It's for a good cause and it's such an obscure game that there may never be another fanzine for it! There's a lot of merch available too, and if you preorder before Nov. 1 you get 2 bonus charms.)
Here's another Vocaloid cover featuring Fukase's soft bank. Hope you like it!


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Congratulations, you scrolled down.

Honestly, don't donate to me. If you really wanted to support me you could buy something from my shop:


Regular commissions are closed indefinitely. I will however, consider commissions of a commercial/official nature (e.g. book/album cover, promotional illustration, game art) and commissions for things like Vocaloid song videos (because I like them). Thank you for your understanding.


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Please, no need to thank me for the llama! Unless you feel like you can't sleep at night without doing so :'D

I would, however, appreciate one back! ♥

**NOTE: I am no longer responding to comments of just "Thanks for the llama!" You are very welcome!


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