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Imma update this later ^^

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Heyo, I'm unsure if anyone will respond to this, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me a Werewolf Barbarian/Bard for a DnD thing that I plan to join. He'd have basically two forms; A human form and a werewolf form. I also plan to give this guy some chaotic energy (if your wondering which type, I'm talking about the type that would probably just sit and mess with a group of guards for hours for no reason. You know, poke the bear-). The boy will also be dual weilding large double sided axes and have a ukulele as an instrument (cause, ya know...bard). Obviously, I plan to pay whoever does this cause it would be a commission. I'd feel horrible not paying the person that makes him. Plus, that would be pretty dickish of me to do that lol. So, if anyone is interested, please contact me!!
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So, got some bad news. I'm not allowed to look through the middle school kid database since it is private info. I knew it would be a long shot, but I thought Id try anyway lol. Anyway, there's nothing I can do about what that kid did to my fursuit unfortunately.
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Hey! So, update and the fursuit stuff, went today instead of yesterday cause I got too nervous. A couple of friends of mine were determined to get me out there at least today, so I went to the fair in suit! It was pretty fun up until the end bit at the fair...some kid (not like little little kid, this boy knew exactly what he was doing. I wanna say he was a middle schooler or he could be in elementary and on his way up to middle schooler) decided it would be fun to grab my ear and tug forcefully on it and tore it a bit...didn't figure out who he was and two of my friends had gone on the bumper cars. The one friend that was still with me was too tired to run after him and also wanted to make sure I was ok. It got a bit better after the three of us went and got ice cream but...the whole ordeal kinda turned me off of public fursuiting in my home town...Its made me a bit less confident...I might do it around Halloween but that's about it... I do plan to post pics of what I did get still.
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Thank you for the fav!

Thank you so much for the favourite on

Spidersona - Spider-Ashe [First Arc]

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Hope you have a lovely day and remember to stay respectful & kind!

how have you been? I miss your art.

I've been pretty stressed lately due to work and haven't had any time to truly sit down and make any art qwp

I wanna hopefully get back up and running again with art eventually though :"3

How've you been?

working nonstop. feet hurt and other pain mostly emotinal pain. did you get a new computer yet I have a new one but I am not using it.

Yes I did surprisingly! Its small and can also function like a small tablet which is kinda nice. Now I just need to somehow make the time to use it lol

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Social distance boop. And yes that did make sense.