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Well what can I say? I moved the server for my site a month ago I think and it crashed went from 1600 members to 0 members and 0 posts... but its picking up again now we have 250 members with over 7500 posts and alot of resources!

About me..

I cut down the sites i'm staff in mostly because I didn't feel I was appreciated so I went to sites where I was.. I put alot of hard work on the sites I'm working in and if I'm thrown out for stupid reasons then why bother going back again?

Anyways I'm happy where I am right now. I'm loving the sites i'm in and love to help out.

Currently I've been trying to focus on ipb skinning worked on ipb 2.3.6 and honestly I think I did well on that created 4  skins in total including the one Hiddendesigners.com is using.

I'll focus on IPB 3.0 soon when 3.0.4 is out at least.

Lets just say my personal problems now are currently set aside and being fixed now I can focus more on what I love and that is designing :D

If anyone needs help with starting their own website IPB or PHPBB i would love to help out :)

Thanks to:

sigresource.com always been my top site

and many others to come :)

Thanks for reading

Drift Angel

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