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It's been a while since I even stepped foot into this website. I thought my designing days were gone.
I was more interested in taking photographs, but my designing skills were handy when I needed a picture edited.

I can't promise that I will provide arts, on almost daily bases. But I'll promise that I'll post as much as I can :)
I had a good roll going on in here and I miss that.

For now you can enjoy the new photographs that are posted in here, or will be posted.
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Drift, it's Ape.  Dunno if you remember me.  Skype me @MotherfuckerMMA
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Same as mine :) btw, sorry I just had to see your comment in one of my Wallpaper Pack post. In that you requested my permission to use wallpaper pack in your website: hidden-designs. I just tried and it seems the website is no more. why have you dropped it?
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That's great news... I'd love to see you active again :)
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