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Wings Tutorial in english :D

Wiiiiiiiiiiii my friend translate my wings tutorial!! xD

Idolize :iconhucky008: wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! thanks!!! :D

There it is, for english forms of life :D

Thanks :iconhucky008: :DDD
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Cute and informative!Heart 
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thanks!!! was a lot of work to do it xDD 'cause i'm pretty better with spanish :'D
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Well you did very well!
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if you don't mind me saying, the description has a bit errors and so does the deviation... i could help! if you want, of course.
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oh i know, i did notice that there's a lot off mistakes in the translation :B

It could be nice to re-make the text, but i don't remind where i put the original work in my pc xDDDDD <--- memory lost there

Soon i'm going to have some vacations, let me see if i can find it ^____^ it would be pretty nice to have it "right"
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I'm sorry if i came off as show-offy or rude, or even arrogant. it's just for better understanding as your tutorial is very popular and one of the first results when you search for wing tutorials.
If you don't feel comfortable with me trying to help, feel free to say it. You also don't have to search for the original text if you don't want to.
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oh, don't worry, it not arrogant or rude at all... i've the original one in spanish here too, but the *.psd, i need to search it with care, i don't remember where i put it xDDDDD

it would be pretty nice to see it "improved" *A*

Just give me some days, to find the original one xDDDD i really can't temember where i put that thing xDDDDDD

the original is bigger too ^^
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I know this is a little old, but.. I think the tutorial looks great, just saying!
I also find it funny I came here offering help when not even I were sure about my english knowledge. XD
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thanks!!! sorry about the translate, i know there's some mistakes there bu well... i'm pretty sure i' a lot better with SPANISH xDDD

i need to do another <3 one
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Oh my god, thank you so much! You helped me out of a very bad situation! happy cry XD  
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I'm glad it was helpfull ^^

I hope the translation wasn't that bad xDDD (i'm pretty better with spanish lol)

Grettings from chile =)
this tutorial is very helpful to me. thank mate very much
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thanks!! i hope you enjoyed it ^^ (and sorry by the english, i'm pretty better with spanish xD)
very loveliiiiii!!! Clap and helpfulllll!!!La la la la 
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Wonderful tutorial! I shall use this for my next piece. <3
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Funny! I like this! And this very clear.
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Very useful tutorial :w00t: And entertaining as well...thanks to this I might actually remember the idea behind drawing wings between the times I do them :aww:
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i was a little worried for the translation in that time xD but even if ther're some mistakes, a lot of people like it, so`i'm really happy!!!

Thanks!! T^T...

I was thinking in doing another one about the emotions and wings ^^
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No need to worry about that. It's one of the most memorable out there :aww: Figuring out where to bend wings is still a nightmare, but this one has helped me getting one step closer, so :w00t:

That'd be great if you did that :nod: 
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thanks for the very informative (and highly amusing) tutorial!
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xDDDDDD you're most welcome =) that's was the idea xD
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Find it very helpful :)
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