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Mantra tattoo

It's the Gayatri Mantra, a mantra that should be chanted as a meditation, three times a day, according to my religious tradition.
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it that the maha mantra??
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No, it's the Gayatri Mantra, just the 1st line!

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cool! i want to get the maha mantra on my side and a form of krsna on my back...=D Sanskrit is so beautiful!!! =D
drianis's avatar
OMG, I have Krsna on my back! :D Krsna as Paramatma... My husband has Maha Mantra on his arm, but it's too small, so now is kinda ugly... "/

Anyway, I think it really fit as a great combination! ^^
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here a link of the picture i want for my tat, but i would get it with out the dark background...i want this pic at the moment but i have a while to decide..

ohh i just found it in your it beautiful! i want to get my Sanskrit pretty big..thats to bad for your husband though..=(
yeah me too! =D
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OMG, it's such a beautiful image! Find a good tattooist to do, because this image really deserves it! :D

I like the idea of don't put the dark backgroud.

And post here when you've done! :heart:
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thank you!! i will, im gonna do some major searching! yes it does! it is definitely one of my favorites!
yeah i will im not sure when im gonna get it done but ill definately put it up when i do! =D
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Good! Then you send me a link! ^^
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Nossa!!! Ficou muito legal, mesmo!!!!
drianis's avatar
Obrigada! E obrigda pelo :+fav: tb!

Aliás, a sua tattoo tb tá show! ^^
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I love the Gayatri Mantra! I chant it nearly every day, with a video on Youtube.
It's the same one?
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Yes, this is the Gayatri's 1st line. Every sampradaya has its own lines, too. On ISKCON, we have some other 6 lines, but those just can be spoken by one's guru, on the ear of the disciple.

Is a very beautiful mantra!!!
edorianminor's avatar
Ohhh, ok!

I found another version I like better I think. ([link])

It definitely is such a beautiful mantra. It helps me out a lot to deal with life/
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Yes, this one is better! *.*
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It's really so cool that you have such a tattoo.. I mean I try to get people interested in mantras, the Gayatri Mantra or the Medicine Buddha mantra or something but I never get any reply. People are just interested in material / external objects. Life can be difficult but those mantras are powerful help. Anyway I think it's really cool that you know of them. Your kid is really lucky to have you as her mother! :)

This is the Medicine Buddha mantra I was talking about.
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Hehehehehe, thank you! Yeah, mantras are something very special, I believe. And you're right, most of people just wanna have fun, and forget about spiritual issues.

My students ask what is it, and I answer, "is a pray for spiritual elevation". they look at me like O.O , like no one ever told them about it.

Poor souls...

Let's see the Buddha mantra...
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Ficou muito bem traçada alem de muito bonita! Quem fez essa tattoo?
drianis's avatar
Fiz em Curitiba, com um carinha chamado Bhagavan. Ele é bem bom, mesmo. Já tinha visto uns trampos dele em uma amiga minha, e ele detona. Fez os traços (meus) de forma super cuidadosa, mediu as linhas, tudo direitinho!

Raphaelkoizo's avatar
Dá pra se ver que o cara é bom! Parabéns novamente, ficou foda!
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Wow it's an amazing tatto! :D
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thank you!!!

I'm glad you like it! ^^
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