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Broodling in a Bottle

By Drhoz
One of the ghastly critters recently discovered swarming in tunnels under Boston. According to one Paddy McGinty, they make amusing pets. According to anybody still actually sane, they're horrifying abominations with a stomach-turning, sanity-blasting life cycle.

( a quick photoshop to use as a prop in a recent Call of Cthulhu game - The Pale God. The critter in question is one of Eihort's Brood )
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And i thoughtbmy thoughts where morbid
This just stared going around in my head:

"There's a broodling in a bottle/
And it's staring back at me.
I feel the nightmares coming
'Cos it's a thing that should not be.
McGinty thinks it's cute but the rest of us/
Are losing sanity.
That mad drunken Irish bastard, what will his next freak show be?"

sung to the tune of the Gorillas "19-2000", more or less.
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That is aDORable. :) I can just about hear it pawing cutely at the glass.
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This creature looks mighty scary. If your game mastery skills are of a similar high level of quality, your players are truly to be envied! :)
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My players seem to think so :)

see here - [link] - for my Cthulhu campaign blog , and here - [link] - for others
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Thanks for the links! That stuff looks interesting. :)
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you're welcome :)
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Just what I was looking for.
I was wondering what those things looked like.
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running a Cthulhu game?
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Not exactly...we're working on a homemade setting which has some Call of Cthulhu element...mainly Eihort...
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This confirms is, Dr - you're a craftsman of the first water.
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thanks. Of course, now that I have a new monitor I see dozens of errors that simply weren't visible on the ancient cathode ray tube screen...
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Absolutely beautiful. And very convincingly real.
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I'd love to have that on my shelf.
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should be able to make one - see Propnomicon for methods :)
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Haha, Propnomicon; I go there! They've got some great stuff!
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they certainly do - great ideas for Campaign Journal stuffers, too
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Seen it and immediately thought of Eihort. Awesome.
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