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Going to be a guest in the Artists' Alley at Austin Comic Con (Wizard) this Saturday. Wish I had some prints to sell, but I still need some more info from the artist who suggested getting some made.
Our beloved cat Kirby was put to sleep today. He was having trouble breathing the last two days and it turned out he had leukemia. He was such a treasure and we only had him for such a short while. It's hard to believe...he was such a goofball. He wasn't even a year old yet. I'll miss my little buddy.
I am supposed to be a guest at COMICPALOOZA 2014 in Houston on May 24 and 25. I see they have yet to list me as a guest on their sites or on Facebook despite my attempts to get them to do that. I know I'm not a big shot, but it would help if folks knew I'd be there.
Thanks for the birthday wishes. 59!!! AAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!
Come see me tomorrow at TEXAS COMICON in San Antonio, TX (Saturday June 23rd). I'll bring my original art.