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Tight Squeeze

a soon to-be-very-tight-squeeze in there....

though everyones inflatable in there so no one died of suffocation lol....
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*tries to open the door but it won't budge* hey who's in my room!?! XD. that happened to me a few times and it took a while to get outa there lol XD hope you didn't get hurt or anything! oh casualties...oh XD
ceralor's avatar
OMG, a party and I wasn't invited? D:
TankaaKumawani's avatar
Alexia, Tal, and...who is that other one...looked like Deko for a sec until I gave (it?) a closer look.

Heh, looks like you're all having fun there, eh?
ceralor's avatar
TankaaKumawani's avatar
Do'h. *facepaws* I've got a crummy memory, if I go away for a week, I can't match names with faces.
Deko-Drak's avatar
*just favs and walks away*
ReinhardtGSD's avatar
Good thing I'm not there...It would be a little hard to accomplish all the inflation needed if I was ;)
Rakeesh's avatar
Pfft. Suffocation. You just need to have an air suply....*holds forth the airtank* Or hold your breath. X3

*wheeeeeeeeeeeee's and squeaks the inflatables in the room*
ceralor's avatar
I'd squeak too but apparently I wasn't around :(
calzimer's avatar
awesome!! ^_^
Zeta-Neubourn's avatar
Heheheh, oh boy... :XD: That'd be fun to be in there... but, I wouldn't last two seconds in there. (I'm not an inflatable, unfortunatly. ^^; )
Balloonie-cat's avatar
Wish I was in that pic. Just make sure that the intake on that pump doesnt get covered up by inflating vinyl :D

Trigger-Fox's avatar
i agree with Oz MURR!
ozkangaroo's avatar
On word.
Rainbowdragon's avatar
Heh I want to join. Room for one more?
Xahnos's avatar
Once you're in there how will you get out? It gets tighter in there every second.
Scalyaerate's avatar
I made a comment! D:< ...*Thumbs up*
Tombfyre's avatar
Now that looks like an inflation party. ^^ So cuddly a time by the looks o' it.
EmberKomodog's avatar
my god! It's like one of my naughty dreams!
Moth-Wingthane's avatar
Oh, rawr! How much fun would that be?! :D
Ruick's avatar
nice, looks quit comfy XD
Ziggyfox's avatar
You probably shoulda did that outdoors... just a suggestion.
minnagowaseiryuu's avatar
Eeee. Awesome stuff. I wanna sneak in and hug that tum =D
Xahnos's avatar
I doubt that you would fit in there.
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