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I first met her at the coffee shop.  I long ago decided that getting out and about as much as possible is my only chance at not dying as an old, lonely woman surrounded by cats, so I go down there a few times a week (unless my latest accident has me completely incapacitated), write poetry, listen to the mediocre acoustic acts on open mic night, that sort of thing.  On this particular occasion my left leg, encased in a full plaster leg cast, was propped up on another chair at my table.  I was writing a poem, trying to think of a rhyme for "fracture", and had just decided to simplify things by changing it to "crack" when I heard the distinctive step-thump step-thump sound of a person on crutches.  Before I even had time to look up I heard a bright, cheery voice say "You too, huh?  Guess we're cast buddies!"
    I looked up, directly into the sparkling green eyes of a petite girl with short red hair smiling with a cheery intensity that, in retrospect, probably should have set off alarm bells.
    "Ummmm...yeah.  Guess so."
    Nice one, Brit, I thought glumly.  Quite the charmer, you are.
    "I'm Sadie.  Is anyone sitting here?"  She gestured to one of the chairs that did not have my broken leg resting on it.
    "Ummmm...Hi, I'm Britney.  Have a seat."  As she settled into the chair across from me, and gingerly set her leg on the chair to my right, my gaze drifted to her cast, and to the slender toes that were poking adorably out of the end.  Left leg, same as mine.  Full leg cast, same as mine.  Plaster, same as mine.  She wiggled her toes happily, and I could see that her nails were painted lavender, with  silver ring on the second toe.  I was suddenly ashamed of my chubby, undecorated toes (I'm fairly petite, but, dammit, my toes always seem chubby!)  I should have worn a sock or something.  Before I had a chance to realize I was staring, she spoke again.
    "Pretty impressive, huh?  Bicycle accident.  Got hit by a taxi.  You?"
    Startled and embaressed, I looked up and stammered, "Huh?  Wha?  Umm...putting on my pajamas."
    There was a brief pause and she gave me a funny look.  Partially a "you're very odd" look, and partially a "you and I will never have sex" look.  Though I may have been imagining that last part.  
    "No, I mean, how did you break your leg?"
    I really hoped I wasn't turning as red as I felt like I was.
    "I broke my leg putting on my pajamas."  Wow, I had never said that whole sentence out loud before.  It made the whole thing seem even more absurd.  I should have made up a story.  A good story can impress people.  People who might otherwise think you're a freak made of glass.

Oh, well.  I had gone this far.  "I, um, have a disorder that makes my bones brittle.  So they break pretty easily.  I was putting on my pajama bottoms and got my foot tangled and...fell over, broke."
    Sadie's eyes were as big as dinner plates.  I felt like a huge freak (as usual).  Goddammit.  
    But instead of looking awkward and making an excuse and leaving, like most people, she leaned forward, looking intently interested.
    "Oh, wow!  I'm sorry, that must be terrible.  Have you broken a lot of bones?"
    I probably would have felt less freakish if she had made a hasty exit.  
    "Umm...yeah, about fifty, I guess..."
    "Oh my god!"  she gasped.  Although it didn't sound like "Oh, you poor thing" like it did when most people said it.  She sounded more amazed and impressed, like I had just told her Paul McCartney was my grandfather.  She began peppering me with questions: "Which ones?  Does it hurt every time?  Have you worn a lot of casts?"
    It felt pretty weird to have someone (a cute girl, no less) so interested in such...personal stuff.  I was starting to get a bit nervous.
    "Umm...I guess I've broken a few bones in both arms and both legs, at various times.  A few ribs, some fingers and toes, my tailbone.  My back once, a compression fracture, but no permanent spinal injury...umm...I think that's pretty much it."
    Most people got bored if I went into any sort of detail about the accidents.  It's a weird thing; if someone "normal" breaks a bone, it's big news and everyone has lots of sympathy.  But once you reach some unknown magic number, you just become That Weird Girl Who's Always Breaking Things, and no one really seems to care much any more.
    But Sadie remained interested.  No, not just interested, riveted.  It felt weird to have a cute girl pay so much attention to me.  Hell, it felt weird to have a cute girl even notice me.  Well, no, that's not true.  I'm used to them noticing me.  It's weird when they're not making fun of me, or at least whispering to their friends about That Nerdy Girl Who's In A Cast AGAIN.  Like it's my fault.  Like I do it on purpose.
    Ugh, sorry.  Even ten years after high school, some things still bug me.
    "So...a lot of casts, then?"
    "Um, Yeah.  Yeah, I've spent most of my life"
    Damn.  Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.  As often as I end up in casts, you'd think I could say the word out loud without stuttering or getting nervous.  But I always get tense when I say the c-word in conversation.  Like just hearing me say it is gonna make my fetish obvious.
    Yeah, I kind of have a thing for casts.  I guess it makes sense: I had my first orgasm in a cast.  Lost my virginity in a cast.  Had BOTH legs in casts first time I was with another woman.  You'd think they would just be an ugly reminder of injuries and pain, but they feel comfortable and secure and...I dunno, they just feel right.  And of course, they look great on other girls.  Especially leg casts, putting those gorgeous little toes on display.  
    And now this cute girl seemed really, really interested in talking about them.  It was kind of exciting.  And kind of terrifying.  If I said the wrong thing, or showed the wrong mood, she might guess that I kind of enjoyed being in casts.  And that would be a deal-breaker, even if being Weird Glass Loser Girl, for some strange reason, wasn't.  I stopped talking.  She continued talking, not letting the subject fade comfortably into the background.
    "I've been in a lot of casts, too.  It's not a condition, like with you; I guess I'm just accident-prone.  I broke my finger first, that was in high school.  Then my right ankle right after graduation.  Both legs and feet during freshman year of college.  My femur as a senior.  And after college...let's see...left humerus and shoulder blade when I was 22, right wrist and hand when I was 24, left kneecap at 25, then right after that cast came off, re-broke that kneecap AND broke the other one.  Radius and ulna of both arms at 27.  And, of course, the latest is this guy right here."  She gestured to the hunk of plaster on her leg.  I tried not to stare at her toes again.  Damn, they were incredibly cute.  And wiggling.  Always with the wiggling.  "But I guess I've had it easy compared to you, huh?"
    "Huh?"  Again, I realized I as staring.  While telling myself not to stare.  Smooth.  "Oh, yeah, I've worn at least one c-cast every year for as long as I can remember.  And I'm allergic to most pain killers, so that's pretty rough, too."
    I sort of noticed her sit up a little straighter when I mentioned that.  At the time, I thought I was imagining it.  "It all makes being a lesbian seem easy by comparison," I blurted out without thinking.
    Holy wow.  Did I REALLY just say that?!  my brain shrieked at me.  Too obvious!  She thinks you're hitting on her!  No, wait!  Too subtle!  She thinks you think SHE'S a lesbian!  No, wait!  Too obvious, she -
    Sadie kindly interrupted my panicked internal monologue: "Yeah, it took me a while to really enjoy being a lesbian."  She looked dead into my eyes and smiled.  "Maybe some time I can help show you how fun it can be."
    "Umm, yeah," I said, squirming nervously (but excitedly) in my seat.  That's probably - ACK!!"  Somehow, I had managed to try to lean on the chair's armrest without noticing that that the damn thing HAD no armrests.  I tumbled to the floor, hearing a loud crack and feeling a stabbing pain in my right wrist at the same time.  My casted left leg flailed around awkwardly until I rolled over onto my back, at which time it knocked over the chair I had been sitting in before dropping to the floor with a dull "thud" and a sharp pain.  I cried out again.  Sadie appeared in front of me after a moment of hobbling noises.
    "Ohmigod, are you OK?!  Did I hear a crack?  I thought I heard a crack.  Are you OK?  Are you broken?  Do you need an ambulance?  Do you need someone to go to the hospital with you??"
    By now the other coffee house patrons were turning and staring, and the staff was approaching to see if we needed assistance, or even an ambulance.
    "I don't...I...don't want  I can...I can...I can..."  I stumbled for a bit when I realized, amidst the pain and embarressment, that I had no idea WHAT I could do right now.  Or why it was preferable to letting a cute girl come with me to the hospital.  ", maybe...owwwww...maybe...that would be good..."
    Fifteen minutes later, we were on our way to the hospital in an ambulance.  Under other circumstances, it wouldn't have been necessary for a broken wrist.  But my leg cast made me difficult to transport; hers made it difficult for her to drive.  So we rode together in the ambulance, her holding my good hand and saying soothing things, me quietly being thrilled at my good luck.  Relatively speaking, at least...
A story of attraction, obsession, and broken bones. More to come (hopefully) soon!

Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome; post here or email
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stevil666 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011
new stories from the good dr, it must be my birthday LOL but seriously its great so far and glad to have you back ^^
DrGimpy Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011
Thanks, guys, glad you're enjoying it so far!

I hope to eventually incorporate a few different story ideas I've had simmering for a while. We'll learn more about Sadie as the story develops. And things will get a bit darker, as well (the "Mystery & Suspense" genre label was not an accident...)
castsandfeet Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
dane has such a way of putting into words exactly what i feel - this is amazing - love seeing you back at writing...
DaneBainbridge Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I really like how you started this story, Dr. Gimpy. The main character is shy and inhibited, Sadie is extroverted. Both of them are accident prone, but in different ways. There is already a good plot complication with the broken arm and the ambulance. We already know a lot about Britney. I like where this is going and can't wait to read the next chapter.
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