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Yep! After a few false starts over the course of SEVERAL years, my webcomic is officially up and running!

Check it out here, and feel free to spread the URL around if you dig it!
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Sorry for the sudden torrent of activity...for those of you that are still here.
So, in my last journal...over two years ago...I mentioned that it's been a while since I last did anything with my dA account. I dunno, man. I just got the whim to start using this thing again.

So, what'd I miss?
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I haven't uploaded any artwork in a while, have I? Since what, last year? I need to get back on that. I'm still somewhat active in the chats, but need to get back to focusing on the "art" part of "deviantART" (even if all I've been drawing lately are doodles of Marvel characters), especially since the 10-year anniversary of my dA membership was back in September.

Maybe I'll start up the "Month of Mario" again. That might be fun (albeit more work than last time because of all the games that have been released since then). I'll try to get started with my comic projects, too. Like Weird in a Can (for real this time) and adapting The Adventures of Feelgood & Longbottom videos into graphic novel format (might do that one first since all I have to do is rewrite it and draw it).

As for outside of dA, in the past year I moved in with my other aunt for five months, then got my own place back in September. It's pretty rad, finally living on my own.

So, that's what I've been up to (now to get started replying to comments and other messages). How are you guys and gals doin'?

And, as always, if you can't find me here, there's always Facebook, my Tumblr and Skype.
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Since the Year of Luigi ends this month, I'm livestreaming over an hour of Luigi-related videos to close it out with. Join us!

If you see complete darkness, it's because I'm waiting for more folks to show up.
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Not really, though. How could I, after spending nearly ten years of my life as a member?

But anyway, yeah. Here I am. Gonna try to be more active on dA. I've been in a major creative rut as of late, and looking back through my gallery and journals reminded me of how much more creatively fertile I was in the past (what I lacked in skill and talent, I like to think I made up for in ideas and enthusiasm). Then again, it could just be the ol' nostalgia-powered rose-colored glasses at work, too.
Nevertheless, I cleared out my dA inbox, unfollowed some folks (none of you guys), got sad from the number of folks that have deactivated their accounts, and am ready to start being deviant again.

That said, outside of my creative endeavors, my life's been pretty eventful. After five years of searching, I finally got a job. I'm a Walmart cashier (after a very brief and unpleasant stint as a Retail Representative for a marketing company).  I've got a long-distance girlfriend in the form of All-Da-Pretty-Horses. Also, my comic collection has grown considerably, and I bought a Wii U and a 3DS.

And, as always, if you wanna contact me outside of dA, there's always Facebook, my Tumblr and Skype.
So, that's where I am right now. How are you folks doin'?
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Dr. Furball vs Yahoo! Answers

I make turn this into a series if enough people like it. Of course, keep in mind that this is the first one, so I've still got some bugs to work out.
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A while back, I made a Tumblr dedicated to the original Lupin III manga.

Here it is:

Warning: because it's Monkey Punch, there's probably some not-so-safe-for-work stuff on there, so don't browse it with children and yada yada yada.
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Do you have a Facebook account? Great! I'm in a contest to win two free tickets to a local comic convention.
Just head to this link:… and hit "Like". I'd really appreciate it, even if you don't actually think the pic is all that great. Understandable.
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Neat. Yes, I did feel like this was worth making a journal entry over.

Also, I'm still reviewing horror movies over on Tumblr.
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Hey, folks! Remember how, last year, I watched a horror movie every day in October? Well, I'm doin' it again. However, I'm also posting on Tumblr my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on each movie as I watch them.

Do you like horror movies, old and new?

Do you like reviews with a dash of humor?

Do you like me?

Check it out, then:…
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Did you know that this month is the 8-year anniversary of my deviantART membership? I joined back in September of 2004. My, how things have changed!
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Have I mentioned on dA that I have a Tumblr?
I forget.
Oh well.
I'm saying it now. I have a Tumblr blog.
I mostly talk about comic books, but there's other stuff on there sometimes.
Dang. I forgot the URL.
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Yep. Still offline. I'm writing this post sitting outside the local library (I can't go in because they're not open today)

However, during my time without internet access, I've been playing a lot of Skyward Sword. Here's some general thoughts. I'm currently in the "Fire Sanctuary".

    Zelda is adorable. I hate the word "moe" and the subculture surrounding it, but it seems like the only word to describe how cute she is.

    Due to how miserly I am with Rupees, and how much time I spend cutting grass and collecting bugs for Stritch, my Link seems to be motivated not by a desire to save Zelda/the world, but by greed and a love of gardening

    Link, Zelda, Ghirahim, and Fi (as well as Pipit and Karane, to a lesser extent) seem to have been designed in a different style than everyone else.

    On that note, I can't help but feel that if Groose was as handsome as Link, Zelda might've tolerated him more. Lots of single guys in Skyloft, but none were designed as attractively as Link. Is the game making some kind of implication that attractive people are the only ones worth falling in love with? I mean, I'm sure Peatrice isn't supposed to be seen as beautiful, and in order to complete her sidequest, you have to make her fall in love with Link, then dump her. But I'm no doubt just reading too much into this, as Ghirahim is designed in a similar style as Link & Zelda, but he isn't a good person by any means.

    So, the birds seen on shields and logos since Ocarina of Time are Loftwings? Wow.

    Fi is very irritating, especially whenever I'd have Link solve a puzzle then have her tell me that I just completed a puzzle. I'd rather have Navi (not that it means much, as I actually liked Navi. She was cute and helpful)

    I love Gossip Stones. They crack me up every time. I especially like the one that helps you find the baby rattle ("But what do I know? I'm just a stone.")

    Either this game is easier than the others, or I'm getting better at Zelda games. I'd say it's probably the former.

    I noticed at the beginning how Gaepora mentioned that this is the "25th Anniversary of our fine institution." I see what you did there, Nintendo.

    Gorons have always been my favorite race of beings in the series. I was very happy to see them here. I love running into Gorko and seeing what he's been up to.

    That Sacred Shield is a ripoff.

    My cousin and I refer to Headmaster Gaepora as "Professor Crazyeyes"

    I've got a good feeling Scrapper's not gonna get anywhere with Fi, and I feel bad about that…until I actually talk to it and see that it's kind of a jerk.

    The Lanayru Mining Facility is probably one of my all-time favorite dungeons.

    …although the Silent Realms were a lot of fun, too.

    Every time I ask Fi for help, I imagine Link yelling her name like a little kid would call his mother for help.

    How do you pronounce Fi's name. I've heard it pronounced as rhyming with "lie" or "die", but I always pronounce it as "Fee". Fee fie fo fum?

    The Imprisoned was a very fun boss fight, I felt like a total badass.

    Fi seems to have a fascination with Bokoblin underwear.

    I once destroyed a Deku Baba with Link's face.

    Thanks to Awkward Zombie, every time I get a Gratitude Crystal, I imagine the person coughing it up.

    I really miss Ganon. He's my favorite character in the series, but he appears to have not even been born yet, with this being a prequel and all.

    Best part in the game so far might just be having Link say "Am I late?" That was just AWESOME.

So, I probably forgot a few things, but this should be a rundown on my thoughts on the game thus far.

(As an aside, The Dark Knight Rises was really good. Not as good as it's predecessor, but a fitting ending. Also, thanks to toukon10176 for the subscription!)
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No internet connectivity again. Don't know when I'll get it back.
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I have a chatroom.… It's usually empty. But I'm usually in there at this time of day, if you're into the idea of chatting with me.
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Hefujageber. The Avengers movie. It was flippin' amazing. It started off great and got better from there. Exciting, funny, and emotional. Loved every minute of it. And that stinger midway through the end credits...I dropped a more profane version of "holy crap" to the guy next to me. I definitely can't wait to see where it goes from here.
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Yeah, Gozar and 6dollarcookie's podcast. For some reason, they thought I'd be a good guest star. We discuss the third episode of the new Lupin TV series. No offense intended to any Goemon fans.…
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Without internet access again. So, you probably won't be hearing from me much for a while.
  • Reading: For the Man Who Has everything
  • Watching: Friendship Is Magic (yeah, so what?)
  • Playing: Mortal Kombat 9 (which still rocks)
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I got to go to my very first con, the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention!

It was great! I got to meet the actors who played Bulk & Skull on 'Power Rangers', got a comic signed by Bob McLeod, and my brother got punched in the face by Batman!

See it here:

But, I'm back now (for the most part).
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1) You must post the rules
2) Everyone must post 5 things about themselves
3)Answer the questions that the tagger posted for you and create another eleven questions for the people you choose to answer
4)You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal
6)No tag backs
7)No "if you're reading this, you're tagged". You have to legitimately tag 11 people

5 things about me:

1) One time, I did a thing.
2) I keep my Dungeons & Dragons dice in a sock.
3) I once beat Super Mario Bros. in 45 minutes: every level, no warps.
4) I'm very bitter about love and romance.
5) I feel that Howard the Duck is one of the best comic books of the 1970s
6) I feel that Howard the Duck is one of the worst movies of the 1980s
7) I have a crush on one of the librarians at the public library nearby.

Questions from :iconlettherebeapples: :)

1) Whats your Favorited form of torture?
"Hey, wanna hear me sing?"

2) Do you love me?
Nooooow that I...can daaaance... :sing:

3) Can you hear me now?

4) Do you envy my soft skin?
It'd be better than the chapped skin on my legs. Gah, that hurts.

5) This is more of a request: please tag :iconcherrywaffle1003: for me ;)

6) How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?…

7) How Licks does it take to get to the center, of your heart?
I dunno. I've never tried.

8) Hug me?
Sure. Who couldn't use a hug every now and then?

9) Hug Justin Beiber?
Sure. Who couldn't use a hug every now and then?

10) (please insert a question to yourself)
Why did I do the thing I did? Why? WHY?!

11) Did you honestly Laugh when you read my journal? ( I require everyone i tag, to include a link to my this journal when they answer these questions, in this space) And if so, how hard, and what joke did you like the most?
I got a few chuckles, mostly from (4).

My questions:
1) Name a fictional character.
2) What does that character smell like?
3) If Ludwig Von Beethoven were to lead an army of cybernetic penguins into a intergalactic war, would the other side have a chance of winning?
4) Can MC Hammer be touched?
5) What time is it?
6) What time ISN'T it?
7) Do you think mice secretly know how to speak Latin?
8) How would you thwart an alien invasion?
9) What would you do if you owned the Infinity Gauntlet (… )?
10) Is DrFurball awesome or what?
11) What's a good name for a rock band?

I tag:
Yo mama.