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Under the Sea with Mister B!

She is just a small girl,
but has no fear of capture.

She has a Big Daddy
down with her in Rapture.
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hello dr faustus!
i wanted to notify you of the seller "lovely baby" who is using your image on their backpacks. 
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Hey, thanks for the heads up.  It can be quite difficult tracking down stuff like this. At least it now looks like it is now unavailable.
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I'd let my kids read it. What could go wrong?
DrFaustusAU's avatar
Only your doctor knows for sure...
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"What can i do with this one Aphrodite...?"
Love your Suessian pieces, they are truly great and lots of fun.
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i want to read this book! lol
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this is BRILLIANT.
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This is totally something the Little Sisters would be given to read in that...orphanage in Rapture.
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This is beyond clever! XD
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This is my favorite. ^^
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She goes out to gather
Like good girls all should
To gather the ADAM
As fast as she could

Her big metal daddy
He guides her with care
To find all the angels
That lay about there

He keeps away splicers
Who prowl about here
But with Mr B.
She has nothing to fear

In the parks of Arcadia
They spend happy hours.
Mr B. drills the baddies
Hile she picks the flowers

Down in Neptunes Bounty
They walk at a creep.
It's cold and it's soggy
Down there in the deep

Fort Frolic is strange
Fort Frolic is funny
If you stay there a while
You might meet the Wild Bunny

In the square of Apollo
The folks cause a fuss
About Ryan and Atlas
And who knows best for us

But she doesn't worry
She doesn't have troubles
She doesn't need answers
She has Mr Bubbles.

She sings as they amble
Her small hand in his
As she works with her needle
In the gathering biz

But all good things end
Because one fateful day
A man with a wrench
Took her daddy away.

Her little heart trembles
Too distraught to flee
As she calls to her daddy
"Get up, Mr B!"

She fights as he grabs her
Feels a hand on her brow.
Then a flash! Then it's clear!
She understands now.

The man with the wrench
Was freeing her mind
He would take her and leave
All of Rapture behind

The man called Fontaine
Didn't want the to leave
He wanted the ADAM
And wouldn't grant a repreive

So the man fought Fontaine
Who was greedy and grabby
And when things get tough
Little Sisters get stabby

A trip to the surface
Where life is just grand
She steps into the light,
Her hand in his hand

So now all is finished,
And ended, and then
The sister may just have
A daddy again.
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This is honestly Amazing! I loved playing the game and couldn't kill any of the girls. TT^TT The ending really mad me cry and this brought back the amazing journey of Rapture back to me! Time to revisit some old friends~!
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I wouldn't have written this if not for this picture.
darkstarwulf's avatar
Well the art is amazing, and the rhyme equally so! ^_^
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Well played, sir; well played.
Cathto's avatar
Thankyou kindly.
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Absolutely Brilliant. :iconclappingplz:
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That was great :)
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I'm pleased you enjoyed it. The pic inspired the Seuss in me.
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Awesome cover.
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