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Turn Around! Over Here!

Turn around.  Turn around.
Over here.  Over here.
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Very nice! You made the Predator look like a right Jester. :thumbsup:
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Oh this is brilliant.
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Well if you insist.
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll buy your entire set. 
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I need this on my wall... or maybe a hardback copy for my coffee table.
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One head
Two head
Schwarz head
Xeno head
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Yesssssssssss!  Omg yeese
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Blane was gone,
His body taken.
Dutch and his men,
Their confidence shaken.
How did the beast do it?
What a sick, morbid tease!
Then it dawned upon Dutch,
"It's using the trees!"

"no more games!" He told Anna
He has no time for playin'
Dutch needs answers now!
His patience is frayin'
Anna mentioned the blood,
All glowing and green,
All over the leaves,
All quite clearly seen.

Then Dutch had a plan,
To his men he did spill it.
And they all realised,
"If it bleeds, we can kill it."
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I wrote a much longer one for "under the sea with mr B"
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Oh Jezus christ YES!
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This is delightful! I love it! I'm still laughing! :D
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Dutch rushed to save Ramirez, his old hunting pal
But he was too late, nothing could save him now
For his troubles, Dutch was cut up a whopper
Even still, he bade Anna "GET TO DA CHOPPAH!"
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Oh my god man, your a true artist wish words.
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Ha, I with that were true!
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Well that was beautiful.
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Eh, scansion's a little off--although of course Seuss had the liberty to choose characters' names to fit his distinctive meter, and we do not.
merkavah12's avatar his friend's question, Jesse replied with his creed,
"Just blow up those guerrillas, I ain't got time to bleed." 
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