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There Goes A Gozerian, Ghostbuster

There goes Gozer!
Gozer goes quick!

Ignore Walter Peck,
as the man has no...
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my name says it all
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As the man has no... STICK!
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very cool :D love the fact ur goin for a dr seuse style and love the rhyming too XD made me lol XD keep it up XD
Gozer is the traveler, no one can stay.
In 'reconciliation' he clears out the way!

A form will be chosen, then oh! What a day;
We'll reconcile, reconcile the whole world away!

Once Gozer came as a big moving Torg,
and the third time he came a Slor was the form!

And the Shuvs and the Zuuls they ran and they prayed,
But in the depths of a Slor, they roasted that day!
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xD Nice rhyme! If this is turning into another fantastic story I might just have to spend hours waiting at my laptop for each new page. <
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This is excellent... I don't know what else to say.
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Just wanted to say that I LOVE this.
Another fantastic creations. Wow I want you to do more....Aliens, Dawn of the Dead, .... just on and on and on! Thank you for these.
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This really brightened my day considerably.

I feel weird thanking you, but it just seems right.
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This is 7 flavors of awesome
My heart sank a little when I followed the link to get here and realized it was only a cover, not more.
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I respect the fact that he went with Ray on the cover over Venkman. Bold choice.
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Well, he IS the heart of the Ghostbusters. :)
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This is beyond awesome. Can not wait to see more.
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love love love love love love love
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Who ya gonna call?

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That is fantastic. Couldn't help but laugh at the little rhyme there, love it! Made my day! ^.^
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