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The Multiversal Seven

They fought like seven hundred...
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The best of the best at what they do. And depending on who you are, what they do ain't very nice. XD
JbobRodriguez's avatar
What, no Captain Malcolm Reynolds?
Captain8Track's avatar
I would love to read some type of Crossover fiction with this group.
axem-ranger-black's avatar
Who is the guy on the far right?
DrFaustusAU's avatar
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
What a great idea! I'd definitely watch that movie! Though it could have used Malcolm Reynolds, but I guess you can't have everyone.
Lordwormm's avatar
I am dying to see a story like this.  This is amazing work.
Mr-Illusionist-1331's avatar
puffdoggydaddy's avatar
No Malcolm Reynolds
SonnyRay19's avatar
Very glad that you got the token Brit in :)

Good work sir...!
BadSharkBlackhand's avatar

This needs to be graphic novel... but how to license it?

DrFaustusAU's avatar
With difficulty, I would say.
SLagent's avatar
Truly awesome
Mad-Geo's avatar
And which 3 walk away. I see three wearing red sort of shirts, so that narrows it down.
neoindy's avatar
Now it's just a question of who the bandits are.

Hellstroem's avatar
I would watch that movie...
velken0027's avatar
Starbuck, Flash Gordon, Dan Dare, Kirk, Skywalker, Ripley, Rocketeer?
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