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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

By DrFaustusAU
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A few words in the dark made the gunslinger freeze.
Jake said, "Go," as he fell, "there are more worlds than these."

Then the gunslinger rushed off without a goodbye.
He, at last, would catch Walter o'Dim, thankee-sai.
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Let's see you do Lud and Blaine the Mono! 
DrFaustusAU's avatar
Mayhap one day.
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So good, love this!
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I want to see your versions of Eddie Dean, Detta/Odetta/Susannah Holmes/Dean, and...the lobstrosities.
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I'd love to get on to this one day.
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"The Tick Tock Man" in your style...wow!
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OMG!!!!!! I have now fallen in love~! This book series is beyond AMAZING!!!! Poor Jake!!!!! TT^TT Come on Roland, you were suppose to be the good guy in the book...
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Glad to be of service!
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That is brilliant!
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The rhyme is great, and pairs nicely with the image.
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I love this!  personal favorite series.
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this is the best thing EVAR
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Yayyy looks like by Doctor King.............but uh, not THAT Dr. King.
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That's brilliant. :D I love it!
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oh the places you will go, even if you don't want to
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Your stuff answers my question of how to introduce things I'm interested in to my kids without giving them freakish nightmares.
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Haha! We aim to please.
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It's the first part of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.
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