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The Call of Cthulhu - Pages 70 - 71

H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers).

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(This is the updated version of pages 46 & 47 here: [link] )
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(modified version posted on the older version - not sure which you would see)

Though I like the improved definition of the ship in this newer version better, it feels a bit big and, again, I find I prefer the earlier version of Cthulu. I feel that version more closely matches the other Cthul-oid depictions of the new version. It also holds true to the darker (yet still child appropriate) images that Dr. Seuss occasionally offered of more grave subject matters, as when he frankly discusses the tribulations one may experience in life in "Oh, The Places You Will Go!" The new one looks both too slickly comical for my taste (a la the New Loony Toons), and more like an over-sized octopus, what with the lack of wings (and other limbs) showing. The previous iteration of Cthulu felt more in keeping with the verse, as well.

I hope you can find some way to combine the new ship and the older Cthulu - I think they would work well together, provided you can downsize the ship image a bit to keep the focus on Cthulu, and emphasize the size differential of the two and the distance gained (and thus the threat Cthulu represented) on a lovely 2-page spread. Just something for you to consider when (I hope, I hope) you publish, in any format.
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Again, gotta agree with this.
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I really hope these great pages get published one day, 'cause I'd by them on the spot....either als Book or as PDF
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I had never actually read the original Call of Cthulhu book- do they really carve through Cthulhu's head with their ship? Because that's funny for some reason.
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No they dont.
A famous image from the book is this massive ship, trying ram Chthulu, but doing ZERO damage to him.
This is a parody of the ending
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I've always thought that despite how creepy and terrifying the story is, Cthulhu was defeated rather easily. Of course, having been sleeping for eons, he probably wasn't ready for a motor-powered ship like that. Next time, he'll be ready for it though! (Hopefully then we can catch him off-guard with an airplane or an iPhone or something else new..)
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Yep. Johansen probably saved the world on that fateful day. Well - saved it for now, anyway.
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But if a storm later didn't submerged R'lyeh again, everything would have been useless
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