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The Call of Cthulhu - Pages 32 - 33

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H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers).

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(This is the updated version of page 22 here: [link] )
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I reluctantly put forth that I agree with scratchfury (even before I saw his message) that this page somehow seems far less than the earlier version, but also that - with the exception of this page - the update pages have otherwise been rousing successes.
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DrFaustusAU Traditional Artist
Et tu, Clovis15? ;)

Okay, okay. Updated artwork uploaded. The changes bring it closer in line with the previous version.

Thanks for the feedback, folks!
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That does look much better, thanks for telling me about it or I probably would have completely missed it (at least until I bought the book). Having seen both versions now, I guess I would say the first update wasn't busy enough compared to the original page. The addition of the extra background elements really made a world of difference here.
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This is still great, and most of your updates have been spot on, but I think that your old version of this page had more panache.
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DrFaustusAU Traditional Artist
Fair enough, that's cool.

The Cthulhu on the previous version never looked right to me (in particular the head). Also, while the Old Ones were okay, I wanted to diversify them a little more.

This updated version is much more consciously Seussian (inspired mainly by the VROOMS pages in _On Beyond Zebra_).