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The Call of Cthulhu Page 50

(An updated version of this page can be viewed here: [link] )

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

For beginning readers.

Page Fifty.

Previously (Pages Forty-Eight and Forty-Nine): [link]
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That was amazing. My fav on this represents for the whoooole book.
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Well thank you very much indeed.
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Wow, this was wonderful and awesome! If this was an actual book , I would buy it! :cthulu: FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Coming this year from Chaosium!
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Really!? Yay! Stoked 
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This was awesome.  I am your target audience.  Love Seuss but new to Lovecraft. 
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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I think the whole thing is brilliant! I must say that although the writing is improved in the up-dated versions, for the most part, I enjoyed the first version pictures more. Either way, well done! It's great!
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(I posted this on the other version of this page, as well, modified to match the version I referenced each time - wasn't sure which you would see).

I've just read through the whole piece, and looked at the art of both versions. Smashing job, sir, all around. Please, please, do a Kickstarter for this and your other works, so that we may repay you for your wonderous works, and share them with the next generation and others.

I have a few minor artistic quibbles between which version looks better, though, and I have to say, IMO, this page looks better in this version than in the new one. The vague tendril-like shadows under and beneath the chair, and the blue circle of the floor which defined the space (suggesting a room, and perhaps a pool of light - or shadows), both lent a sinister air. The best part of the previous iteration was the deranged sailor though. I feel the new one lacks detail, in expression and clothing (and hook), and looks like it could just be a crabby child playing dress-up. Still wonderfully rendered, just almost a bit ... bland (not a term I would normally ascribe to your work). Just something to consider when you publish (please, in any format).
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You are amazing, I really like, I wish that this coul be in spanish too xD I know that is not so easy, but if you want do it some day, I could help you wit the translate.
:3 @el_davo
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These have all been amazing!
This is great! Are you going to publish it?
This is great! Are you going to publish it?
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This whole thing is absolutely fantastic. I love all the little details in the illustrations. I really hope that you get this published sometime so I can own a bound copy :D
Wow, this is incredible.
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