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The Call of Cthulhu Page 46-47

(An updated version of these pages can be viewed here: [link] )

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

For beginning readers.

Pages Forty-Six and Forty-Seven.

Previously (Pages Forty-Four and Forty-Five): [link]

Next (Pages Forty-Eight and Forty-Nine): [link]
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Again, I find I prefer this earlier version of Cthulu. I feel that this version more closely matches the other Cthul-oid depictions of the new version. It holds true to the darker (yet still child appropriate) images that Dr. Seuss occasionally offered of more grave subject matters, as when he frankly discusses the tribulations one may experience in life in "Oh, The Places You Will Go!" The new one looks both too comical for my taste (a la the New Loony Toons), and more like an over-sized octopus, what with the lack of wings (and other limbs) showing. The version here feel more in keeping with the verse, as well.
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You are a wonderful person :')

Now we're left to wonder whether Cthulhu lost a mind consisting of green gas, or kept its mind stored away elsewhere, in hammer-space, perhaps, for safety, and just used its head as a ballasting or flotation device.

These images are going to be in my dreams tonight, I expect.

Just makes me wonder who Cthulu will hire for the hit-and-run lawsuit.
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so cool... I love every installment :)
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Cthulhu: "Well FINE!!! Didn't wanna hang out with you either. Jerk." :D
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Thank you for your wonderful work on this.
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Thank you for sticking around! Still three pages to go!
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Oh, brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!
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