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The Call of Cthulhu Page 44-45

(An updated version of these pages can be viewed here: [link] )

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

For beginning readers.

Pages Forty-Four and Forty-Five.

Previously (Pages Forty-Two and Forty-Three): [link]

Next (Pages Forty-Six and Forty-Seven): [link]
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Have to be honest; I just couldn't figure out how to Favorite this whole gallery. But this is BRILLIANT work -- literate, funny, respectful of Seuss and HPL, and so beautifully, lovingly crafted. I just love this project.
steve noir
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I like the darkness here, as it adds to the "terror" atmosphere. However, this IS a Seuss-style kids' book, so the terror might not fit well. I'm not sure which version I like better for this page. Both are phenomenal!
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(posted on the newer version, too, with apprpriate mods)

I think the hectically shadowed "negative" space here contributes to the sense of urgency the sailor must have felt, and the image of Cthulu's head being struck seems more indicative of the verse, "the prow pierced his brow," than the newer version. I get that you were trying to go for a greater emphasis of Cthulu, and the size differential b/t it and the vessel with the newer version, but maybe that could be accomplished by only having the "full power" gauge in the foreground, and expanding the window (and thus the Cthulu portion of the image) to the sides a bit, and/or past the top of the page (allowing the image to spill out of visual range does increase the impact - pun intended)? It's an adjustment which (I think) could probably be mostly rendered in whatever editing software you use. It's just a thought as to how to attain the idea you were going for with the newer version with the mood elements of this one, as I personally like this version as is.

Also, in the newer version, the sailor looked rather blaise about the whole thing, in both facial expression and physical demeanor, though honestly, I think this version might perhaps also benefit from having the sailor actually gripping the wheel as an indication of his determination to wipe out the threat to himself and others. I have no idea how difficult adjusting the arms would be, though, and it's a trifle, really. Overall, I like the affect of this version best.
Now that's just lovely, in all of art, poetry, and concept: "prepare to ram".

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I think that's the best squish face I've ever seeeen. Your work is so fantastic. I can only imagine how long these take you!!
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right between the eyes
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LOL at gelatinous forehead :)
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That's a Cthulhu Boo-boo!

Say that 10 times, fast!
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Ouch! Poor Cthulhu! I quite enjoy the way you drew his eyes kind of around the ship.
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This is great.
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xD Is it weird that I think this is my favorite spread so far? I love the perspective.
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this is absolutely so cool... great work :)
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and Cthulhu gave him a trophy weeks later "world's biggest reproductive organs", for having pulled this stunt. ;)
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Hahaha! Love your work, SXGodzilla. Keep it up.
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:D thanks I shall
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