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The Call of Cthulhu Page 40-41

(An updated version of these pages can be viewed here: [link] )

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

For beginning readers.

Pages Forty and Forty-One.

Previously (Pages Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine): [link]

Next (Pages Forty-Two and Forty-Three): [link]
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I'm going to read this to my kids. This is fucking awesome.
CelticKawaii's avatar
I'm gonna have kids just so I can read this to them. :D
E-Man276's avatar
This has to be the best page in the entire story so far! Seeing Cthulhu in all his glory is a really treat!
dolphin64575's avatar
that picture is so adorable! this story would be way scarier if it weren't accompanied with Dr. Suess drawings.
NooniePuuBunny's avatar
This is the best mash up I have ever seen.
zimdog's avatar
You bastard I need more!
KyoufuKawa's avatar
MercenaryEnclave's avatar
I just keep waiting for the next one. I'm absolutely loving this. :D
I extremely want to buy the dead-tree version of this when you finish it.
obcrip's avatar
Not giving Cthulhu the big Seusse eyelashes was a good choice.
Hansenator98's avatar
Every pagespread makes my day, but this one made my week. You are a genius.
roemermw's avatar
This is the greatest thing ever. I really this can be published in book form when it's finished.
krishna76's avatar
i love how you broke up the rhyme . Putting the last line on a separate 2 page spread was pure genius . i literally trembled with anticipation !
Ahhhh, this is the best page! Cthulhu's all "Y HLO THAR!"
I love your interpretation of CoC. It definitely get's all the important info from the story, in a very seussian style.
elphieofkiamoko's avatar
o_o WHOA.

This page.
truewill's avatar
This has to be the most awesome Seuss parody of all time.
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