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The Call of Cthulhu Page 20-21

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(An updated version of page 20 can be viewed here: [link] )
(An updated version of page 21 can be viewed here: [link] )

The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft

For beginning readers.

Pages Twenty and Twenty-One.

(Revision 1)

Previously (Pages Eighteen and Nineteen): [link]

Next (Pages Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three): [link]
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maawolfe36Professional Photographer
I think I agree with ~HailLovecraft, this page looks better than the new version. Overall, I like the revised version a lot better but this particular set just looks really good the way it is. I especially like how Cthulhu looks like he's underground with no one knowing, and as ~HailLovecraft said, page 21 looks brighter in this version. Great job on all of it though, I really enjoy reading this!
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Earlier I was talking about the contrast between the 'first' pages and the 'revised' pages. This presents a perfect example. The page of Castro in the mental hospital is witty; the floor is blue and the night sky is blue with white stars, presenting a vivid contrast with the green straitjacket. On the other hand, the 'revised' page is smothered in the color green, and so the 'revised' page ends up being drab and dull to the point of being irritating. I enjoy the 'first' page and I would rather not look at the 'revised' page at all.
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I'm just curious, why did the resolution drop on the pages starting from this point?
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DrFaustusAU Traditional Artist
The original page 21 has now become page 22 (it seemed to make more sense that way around). The Castro page 21 was added during revision 1.
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BleydhTaranHobbyist General Artist
Cannot wait for more! This is brilliant.
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krishna76 Traditional Artist
if this book dose not get published so that i can have a copy in my greedy little hands then there is something amiss within the world of publishing. it just keeps getting better and better !
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GhostGriffinHobbyist General Artist
This is brilliant! The styles are so well captured. As other people have already said, I would love to see a book published. It has certainly brightened up my morning!
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NeumaticHobbyist Traditional Artist
Your Cthulhu actually looks adorable. I'm loving this series (I so want this as a real book)
Teleoceras's avatar
Oh man....I would buy this book in a heartbeat!
caffeinatedlatte's avatar
Man this is so awesome! I would also so buy a book.
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CyberneticCupcakeHobbyist General Artist
A strangely adorable rendition of big C, there. :D
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Please say that someday you will turn this in to an actual book!!!! i would buy it in a heart beat!
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oh, definitely same here. <3_<3
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