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Sunny Arrakis vPRINT

Sunny Arrakis now in print ratio!
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I love this and ordered a print but it still hasn't come :( It's been 6 weeks ! I'll write to the helpdesk, just wondering if you had heard of any issues ? 
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Howdy!  Thanks for the support.  Sorry to hear you didn't receive the print you ordered - unfortunately I don't really know how deviantART arranges its deliveries (I just click a box that says to make an image available through their print service).  I think the best idea would be to, as you suggest, contact deviantART directly.  Hope you can get it sorted out!
That's what I thought ! I've reached out I hope I hear back soon. Thanks for getting back to me in any case, and keep up the good work with the awesome art :)
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Arrived and looks great. Cheers.
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Thanks for the support!
Hi! Are the akiris prints available for sale as poster still? How could I buy one? Thanks!
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Howdy.  The link is on the right side of the page for the Arrakis print.  Thanks for the support!
hey could pleas make the other posters again?
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At some point I will - it's just about finding the time.
ok I need this poster, could you please alert
me to how I can satisfy this immediate requirement?!
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It's available through deviantART. :)
Just framed & hung it up. Just dominates the living room here in Dortmund. Thanks for making your work available off the web!
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Thanks for the support!
Id really like to be able to get a print of this and the other two travel posters from Dune as a Christmas gift. Do you sell them as prints or the rights to print them at all? The person I have in mind would looooove these. Thanks for v your help. 
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Howdy, only Sunny Arrakis at this point in time.
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That's a wonderful work!!!
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Does the spa offer complimentary body fluid filtration? This is awesome!
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If God created Arrakis to train the faithful, then I'm it sure it would also make a great resort...
sweeeeeeeeeeeet . . . you are finally offering your amazing work as prints. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE offer the Main Force Patrol print - i will buy it in a heart beat

thank you for the amazing work
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