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Sunny Arrakis v2.0

By DrFaustusAU
I lost the original files for this in a hard drive crash a few months ago. I've remade it for the good folks at StarShipSofa.

Print version here: [link]
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Yall got any more of that

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Absolutely love this travel poster!
ceraperduta's avatar
Worm rides are extra! Just look for the Still-Suits! Ask for Fremen Tribe membership discount!
Sihnon's avatar
You must sell these on Esty or something... I want all of these for my office!
Archeryfinn's avatar
Excellent work!!! You missed the mouse on the moon but, I kid.[link]
DrFaustusAU's avatar
The mouse is there.
Archeryfinn's avatar
Next time I'll try using my eyes. Sorry. It really is great!
DrFaustusAU's avatar
Haha! I'll admit: it IS subtle. Have a good one!
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Do you mind if I use this as a desktop background?
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This is exactly the kind of fan art you just have to love...simple, brilliant and plausible at the same time.
Plus, this piece is a wonderful example of minimalist but effective typography for young deviants like me: thank you.
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Thanks very much!
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*Buys tickets*
Sounds like a great vacation!
I would also definitely this as print.
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I would really like to buy this as a print.
Is this available for sale as a poster, or are we allowed to print it as a poster for a (potential) christmas gift or (definite) bedroom decoration?
Bifrost-and-beyond's avatar
Iamtesla's avatar
Please make these prints! Would buy instantly.
extinctinks's avatar
I would buy this and the other two in a heartbeat if you made them prints!
digital-uncool's avatar
i'd love to have this as a print!
Ccarcia3's avatar
Really nice design!!
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