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Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November!

By DrFaustusAU
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The gunpowder treason and plot.
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artistnae04Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The gun powder treason and plot...I know of no reason the gun powder treason should ever be forgot
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UponbatishwingsHobbyist Writer
the man in the mask knows a lot about that :D
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DrFaustusAU Traditional Artist
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Verde-GeistStudent Traditional Artist
I fucking love this alan moore is tops
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Mr-Illusionist-1331Student General Artist
Awesome, I love itB-)
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experimentalDeityHobbyist General Artist
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Jell-Ofish101Student General Artist
I love this guy's philosophy!!!! And his taste for music is amazing ^_^
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TaeKwonDoMonkHobbyist Artist
An interesting crossover and an appropriate contribution to a day that should never be forgot. :nod:
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Historical note: In the US, after the Revolution, folks still wanted to celebrate Bonfire Night, but in a more politically correct way; so they moved it back to September 6 (the date of Gen. Arnold's burning of New London), and used Arnold's effigy. They even used a similar rhyme:

"So you remember the 6th of September
When Arnold came to town?
He took the houses one by one,
And burned them to the ground,
And burned them to the ground."
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Penny for the Guy?
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Alright when are you just gonna start writing / making the books so I can buy and read them?
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jbrenthillProfessional Traditional Artist
This is so happy!
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isaacrmhmdHobbyist Digital Artist
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vindurzaHobbyist General Artist
how can I forget it was a night fought for freedom and my birthday lol
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MaryHalleyStudent Digital Artist
If you were trying to achieve "creepy", man you got it. Love the Dr. Seuss spinoff on this.
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 I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! 
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Bonfire night 
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killingspidersHobbyist Traditional Artist
Omfg this is fantastic! XD
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deathchrist2000Professional Writer
You're early.
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Very nice V you've drawn.
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zakorathProfessional Digital Artist
Somehow this is actually creepier than the regular V...
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oohh I wanted to be the first to say "love it" =(, anyway...

Love it
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