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Red Right Hand 10

Words: Nick Cave
Pictures: DrFaustusAU

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© 2015 - 2021 DrFaustusAU
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Please please please make the rest of the song. And publish it. I would be the happiest girl ever.
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While the rest of the song might find its way here, I doubt it will ever see publication, unfortunately.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FINISH THIS!!! At the very least give us the rest so we can print it out ourselves. However- I would (and I know many others who would as well), be so VERY HAPPY if you were to make an actual book of this. Then don't even sell it, so no money being made on it, so no copyright worries. But you sell it as an add on- to an original piece of artwork, as part of the deal. Figure out what the cost of the book should be, and what the cost of the original artwork would be, add them together, and that is the cost of the original piece of artwork. So the book is just a bonus for buying the artwork. Man I am telling you- I couldn't hit buy it now and my paypal button fast enough! You could even do preorders so you can make the money in advance, to fund the cost of making the book, and you know how many to make. Or you could even do a kickstarter campaign, i would gladly help finance it. You could even go as far as having an OPTION A= a print of the "Man With The Red Right Hand" for $??.??, comes with a free book signed and numbered.... and then you could have OPTION B= an original drawing of "The Man With The Red Right Hand" for $??.??, comes with a free copy of the book signed and numbered.... and finally OPTION C- An original painting of one of the pages- there is only one each of these! for $???.?? and comes with a free signed and numbered copy of the book. The paintings are the first (low) batch of numbers, then the drawings, then the prints. Again- since you aren't selling the book, only your art, there is no copyright issues, as well you aren't recreating anything Seuss did, or cave did with the prints or drawings or paintings, you are only doing an artist's interpretation of a line in a song. So again no copyright issues. YOU CAN DO THIS MAN!!!!! And SERIOUSLY!!! I couldn't hit the "Give You My Money" button fast enough!!! Especially if I could get the drawing- "He's A God. He's A Man. He's A Ghost. He's A Guru."  OR  "On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand."!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously Man- DO IT!!! Even just to make the book. I want one. Of course  if you don't, at least finish it, so we can grab the images and make our own. And finally- If these are real items.... drawings / paintings / whatever- are they for sale..... I would LOVE to get one for my collection. Please! PLEASE! PLEASE!
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Thanks for the words of encouragement.

If anything ever does become available, you'll hear it here first.
Ah, now I finally get it. The Man With The Red Right Hand uses his money and his charisma to speak to those who are left out of the 'disappearing' economy, and by doing so he threatens to take over the country, just like a certain presidential candidate we all know. Is the Man With The Red Right Hand actually Donald Trump?
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Neat.  I will be the first to admit that I had never heard the song until you mentioned it, but I am glad that you did. I went and looked it up and I was very impressed. Nick Cave is like the second coming of Warren Zevon.  Are you going to finish the story? You should!
This has to be made into a book, now would I read it to the kids? For a brief moment I had to search my distant memory for the pictures seemed so eerily familiar. Thank you for your brilliant art.
Please continue this work! It's too good to die on the vine - have you considered a kickstarter campaign for a book?
Just gonna agree with everyone else, please turn this in to a book! Otherwise where can we buy the prints?
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Well done sir, bravo!
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Love it! Want it!! I would also love to see one for 'Do You Love Me?' But please do not do one for Stagger Lee!!! Ever!!!  :-o 
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Can I please buy copys these prints if your not turning this into a book?
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Woah, what a great story. It was a little darker then usual, but very creative and entertaining. You've really captured Dr Seuss's original art style and it was almost nostalgic to see :3
Brilliant. I too would buy this book. Seriously. 
I would totally buy this book! (Please turn it into a book!)
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You have boggled my mind. Sitting here, Red Right Hand playing, clicking through the book when Tinkerbell rings her little bell (you may be too young for that comment). 

But seriously. DUDE. You have elevated yourself to god-like status in 10 frames.

I've been giving you a standing ovation for the past 15 minutes. You can hear it, can't you?
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You'll know it is time to turn the page when...
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I love this, have a watch. Also, please finish this <3
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awesome. absolutely brilliant!! please finish the last two verses! :)
EPIC!! Please, please, PLEASE finish the song!
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when i first saw this comic i was confused thinking it was an actual dr. sues story!
Man, I desperately want to see the last two verses of this.  His always-benevolent smile makes it that much more chilling.
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