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Red Right Hand 09

Words: Nick Cave
Pictures: DrFaustusAU

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© 2015 - 2021 DrFaustusAU
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Oh, I love this so much! Do you think you could eventually put up a pan and scan video set to the song? I was looking at these in an article that had many of them on the same page, and I couldn't help but pinch and zoom on each guy in this image to the rhythm of the song as Nick sang them and then zoom out to the whole image. That would be neat! I mean if you can't ever get this printed as a book, that would be a cool second wish. And if you ever do get to publish it, it would make a great book trailer! 
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It is definitely something I have thought about for when I (at some point) finish the whole song.
Wonderful. I love it.
Genius. So good in fact I reckon Nick would give you his blessing every day of the week
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He does claim to be my biggest fan, bless his cotton socks. ;)
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This is brilliant! Hope you get to the end of the song!
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Sir, you are a stone genius.  I really, really want to add the physical manifestation of this book to the shelves of every single one of my friends.  I've already reserved a space of honor on my shelves for my own copies!
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Thanks for the support.
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Amazing series, and this is totally my favourite page :heart:.
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Glad you enjoyed it.
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Please please please make some prints available!
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Maybe once I get the whole thing done...
any chance it will become a book?
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I doubt it - I only did the scribbling.  The words belong to someone else.
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I reckon you could probably sell a few prints of this series. Great stuff.
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