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If I were Dovahkiin

Back up, my friends.
Please make some room.
I'm just about to shout my Thu'um!

*now with added subjunctive mood!
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from windhelm to dargons lair, a crie can be heard.
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"'Stop that shouting,' the guard cries.
'Do you not see?
With that powerful voice
You're bad company...'"
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And my make you fly away.
To Svengard and beyond.
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Awesome work! we shared it for all latinamerica in, of course all the credits are given, we hope you don't mind. Greetings :D
DracoArtemis's avatar
this is beyond amazing :iconitsbeautifulplz:
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If I was an adventurer like him...
RumoGhekrdUvBayla's avatar
most people say an arrow to the knee but i got an arrow permanently to the face on skyrim.
Tigershard-R's avatar
And oh look. The obligatory arrow.
wow redfan... i played from Morrowind and loved every single entry since. i do think skyrim beats morrowind in some levels (not only graphical) but Morrowind will always have that special place. Nothing beats the architecture of the telvanni towers
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Dude you need to make one for the Nerevarine from Morrowind because we all know he is 10x better bother storyline wise and stronger.
Of course most current elder scrolls fans never played anything older than oblivion and probably wont understand who the nerevar is.
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This is simply brilliant, well done dude.

Also, this was posted by "The Elder Scrolls" page on Facebook.
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Thanks for letting me know!
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Dang you got Gamespot to tweet this. Nice lol
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:3 This is awesome
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As I walked far
As far as the eye could see,
I stopped being an adventurer,
And took an arrow
To the knee.
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which is a good thing by the way :)
kellyjo503's avatar
very Dr. Seuss-ish
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This is amazing, the description makes it even more awesome.
Amethystdragon's avatar
nice touch with the arow in the knee lol
I didn't realise that until you said it,thx
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That is awesome.
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