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HPL's The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers)

Iä! Iä!

After three years of waiting, I figure that some of you might be interested in seeing what these look like.

Here are thumbnails of the completely revised _H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers)_, which was sent to Chaosium just over a month ago.  Hopefully we'll finally get to see the dead tree edition in the not too distant future.

Have a most excellent 2015, folks.
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And it only gets more and more updated, huh?
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It has been published now, so it's pretty much locked in. :)
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So only a few of these were changed, I guess?
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Hmm.  Off the top of my head, the following pages that you see above underwent major/minor updates prior to publication:

002 003, 004 005, 008 009, 010 011, 020 021, 024 025, 032 033, 036 037, 054 055, 056 057, 058 059, 060 061, 064 065, 074 075, 076 077, 084 085, 086 087, 088 089, 100 101, 102 103.
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Wow.  That's a lot.
Yes this is the look for my book. My raging paranoia makes me question so-called reality form time to time. Again, absolutely stunning. (I must be in the minority) but I actually prefer the original panels. Please by no means does this say the pages above are inferior. Just love the expanded text and grittier tone and colours (upside down sacrificial victims and children ties to poles, lol). Any chance we could get a 'directors cut'? ;) Again you are a genius. Thank you for sharing your gift.
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Even some of these pages were subject to revision before seeing print. :)
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Really digging these illustrations!
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Wow...I love the original work but I also love how you updated it. 
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Oh my you are amazing I am a dummy! I want this in a book so I can read it to my future child...I guess I could just pull it up online and read it...but it wouldn't feel the same.Tantrum Also, this gives me nostalgia even though it isn't old Aww :aww: 
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Glad you enjoyed it.
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Lovecraft was a staple of mine when I was growing up, so your "Seuss-ifide" version is right up my alley. I really hope you can make this happen!!
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This is awesome
These look incredible! So happy for you. Any way we can sign up with Chaosium or you for a notice when it comes out? I've read the earlier versions to my 5-year-old -- it's a nice aperitif after My Little Pony. He explained to me that he thinks exposure to Cthulhu turns everyone's eyes into U-shapes. I look forward to owning (and gifting) the printed version. 
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Thanks for the support.  Chaosium is due to publish later this year.  Once I have any further details, you'll be sure to read it here!
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I. Love. You.
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I love you too.
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Yes, it's nearly here (gets money ready)!
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Yes!! A dead tree edition would be fantastic!! Bravo!!
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Cant wait for the dead tree edition!
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