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HPL's The Call of Cthulhu - Cover

H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu (for beginning readers).

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I loved this so much I bought the book. I keep it out on a reading stand and whenever company comes over it never fails to draw their attention (not that we've had company for the last six weeks ;)

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Hey, thanks for the support!  Don't forget to check out Dagon (for beginning readers) if you get the chance!
Why is my print edition pictures all different? They don't seem to have the 'edge' of these amazing works of art. What gives? Did Chaosium force censorship? Please a curious mind must know the truth!!! BTW keep up the AMAZING work!! Lifetime fan right here.
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Hey thanks for your support!

By the time it went to print several years of practice had passed, and I essentially re-did everything for publication.  My eyes and ears could only ever see and hear the things I wanted to improve in these "original" versions (which were already revised versions of the first versions - I heard you like versions, so I made a version of the version, or something like that).  IMHO, the print version is the definitive one, and Chaosium were extremely supportive of the whole process.
Thank you for the fast and kind response. I thought maybe I got some kind of knock off version because of the art difference and verbiage being somewhat half of what I find on this site. My kids already love it as do I. 
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This was a nifty little book thing. XD
Thanks for sharing it with us! 0w0
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Thanks for enjoying it!
Laughing hard here! I love the faded cover effect. What did you make this in?
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Photoshop.  Glad you enjoyed it!
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This is begging for an appropriately written book to revisit the story in verse.

*Notes it's been done and soon to be published*
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Perfect! I love Lovecraft :)
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Thank you for creating this. This is brilliant. I eagerly await the chance to buy this book for myself and other folks.
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Thanks for the support!
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So any word on publishing date? Hardcover?
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Is this being published anywhere?
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So, has there been any further developments on the publishing front? I know I can't be the only one eagerly awaiting it.
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This looks like a fun read!

-Reads book-

That was awesome!
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Glad you enjoyed it.
I just got my ten year old son interested in Cthulhu. He would probably go insane, if I got him this book... Not just because Cthulhu drives people mad, but because this is so awesome.
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