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Eliminating spirits makes one feel invigorated!

For those concerned about the absence of Winston, this image is based entirely on this > [link]
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Steampunk Ghostbusters! I confess i did not see that one coming, my good man.
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To what address must one's correspondence be mailed?
Don't cross the streams, old chap.
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This is, like... invigorating. :)
Great Work!
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I like this! And Egon's expression is most amusing. :)
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Whom will thy Morse Code?
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brillaint work positvley brilliant
Nintennerd64's avatar
People below, read the freakin' description. He said it's based on a movie poster that does not show Winston, so stop your complaining. Sheesh!

Anyways Dr., great work!
Chaoskampf's avatar
what no Winston???
Steven-T-H-N's avatar
just amazing, curious what your take on your Ecto 1 or any of the ghosts.
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There were 4 Ghostbusters. :P Just saying :P

Cool picture none the less.
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haha, love this.
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I like this one even better than the last!
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Why do you have to diss Winston like that? He was the sensible one. :)
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Whom will you call?
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haha, i like this
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Love the new tagline!
I can just hear the song on a harpsicord.
(oops... soon as I posted that I got the humor of your final line... "Busting makes me feel good."). :D

I'd forgotten that line from the song. LOL
This is a fun poster. However, missed two great chances at humor.

Name of the group instead of Ghost Busters might be "Phantasm Eradicators".

And their final theme line might be:

"We are not cowardly in regard to ethereal manifestations."

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