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Four Soldiers of Fortune They Call The A-Team

Nice, B.A.
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:iconmrtplz:  No fool could draw me as a Seuss character.

Then again, I like this style.  Thanks.
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This picture just made my day! I love the A-Team!
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this art is on the jazz!
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I love it when a plan comes together.
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I love it when a plan comes together!
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I love how not ONE SEARCH under "the A-team" is ONE BIT related to the a team, its all naruto fan work....yeesh, respect the good shows will ya? Naruto's good but ba'd kick his ass.
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Holy shit, YES.
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This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.
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I love you, xD. This is awesome.
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You just made my Monday...and my whole week. :)
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Market the "Thing 3" shirt. You'd make a mint.
Even B.A. Baracus would smile at this. Thanks for the joy.
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aw, Thing 3!
they're all so cute^^
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My favorite part is Murdock's shirt!
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Oh my gosh. Just...words fail to describe how awesome this is.
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Oh my gosh this is amazing. I love it. They're so cute. Dr Seuss and The A Team, a combination of awesomeness. And you just know Murdock'd be going around rhyming everything again.
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Wonderful. Interesting that Murdoch has "Thing 3" on his shirt.
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I don't have words for how awesome this is.
This is fantastic, I love that Murdock is "Thing 3", that makes so much sense it's ridiculous.
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I squeed when I saw this!
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