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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Arkham Asylum

There are worse things in life than becoming the "Dr Seuss Guy", right?

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These are great!
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Joker: How about becoming the laughing guy? Am I right?

Joker: "A funny thing happened on the way to Arkham Asylum; its roads are blocked and bridges closed. My party has begun. -Creepy laughter-"
have to say i love this image. great job.
Is there any way of buying the Batman/Dr Seuss series as prints? These are incredible! And I second doctor3uk's suggestion.
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Haven't done them as prints as yet.
edtrololololol's avatar
Lol.funny seems like something from Dr. Zeuss
Beyond brilliant! Please do Te Mad Hatter
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Simply awesome.
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God this is genius. You've magically managed to capture the essence of both ingredients, and made them into a hilarious, terrifying, delicious CAKE.
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Lol Dr. Seuss guy is the best title you can be gifted with :D
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Epic. Absolutely epic.
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Very cool! Such an appropriate combination!
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Awesome as always!
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Such a fine combination of two childhood favorites! Thanks, Doc!
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Gaaah so much nostalgia-gasm!
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:) Ohh I like this one
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This is fantastic. Setting this as my desktop background and totally sharing it on the Face. x3
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Absolute genius, man. I love this kind of pop culture mash-up, and your Seussian style is spot on!
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I love this!
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