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Myosotis - Violet Evergarden Fanart by NuffieArts Myosotis - Violet Evergarden Fanart :iconnuffiearts:NuffieArts 96 2 Ashe Overwatch by AyyaSAP Ashe Overwatch :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 5,744 155 Samus by AyyaSAP Samus :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 3,170 86 Pyrrha (RWBY) by AyyaSAP Pyrrha (RWBY) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,315 57 Blake Belladonna by AyyaSAP Blake Belladonna :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,604 37 Yang RWBY by AyyaSAP Yang RWBY :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 1,669 22 Ruby Rose ( RWBY ) by AyyaSAP Ruby Rose ( RWBY ) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,551 57 Sword Maiden by AyyaSAP Sword Maiden :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,309 80 DAAAAAAAAAYYYYUUMM!! by lonefirewarrior DAAAAAAAAAYYYYUUMM!! :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 2,920 940 Shadaze by RavenTheMagicCat Shadaze :iconraventhemagiccat:RavenTheMagicCat 110 15 Blaze : RavenClaw by Alliizoo Blaze : RavenClaw :iconalliizoo:Alliizoo 317 31 Magical Devices for Everyone #16 by Lighane Magical Devices for Everyone #16 :iconlighane:Lighane 1,971 218 Its cold by haniibuns Its cold :iconhaniibuns:haniibuns 13 2 Inktober 14: Tree - Shadaze - by Deimonday Inktober 14: Tree - Shadaze - :icondeimonday:Deimonday 52 5 Inktober 15:  Relax - Shadaze - by Deimonday Inktober 15: Relax - Shadaze - :icondeimonday:Deimonday 59 9 Suzelle Anyone?? by neppy-draws Suzelle Anyone?? :iconneppy-draws:neppy-draws 8 0
ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MA FAVES a mix of stories and pics hope they end up in ur Faves


This is very well executed, the vibrant colours and the right shading really do make this peice of art match its title very well. The e...

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The Season of Pride by Dreyt The Season of Pride :icondreyt:Dreyt 7 0 Blue Light (Redone) by Dreyt Blue Light (Redone) :icondreyt:Dreyt 5 2 Faceless ID (Scratched) by Dreyt Faceless ID (Scratched) :icondreyt:Dreyt 5 0
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Smile Little Boy :icondreyt:Dreyt 4 3
Footsteps Secrets: Pat,Pat,Pat
As I trudge through the dirt
Wandering the fog glazed land
the tree's reach for a sky I can no longer see
Pat, Pat, Pat The footsteps say
As I look for my home
the one I can no longer remember
Nor if my loved ones are still there
Pat,Pat,pat the footsteps whisper
Not mine, I have stopped
Behind me they speak
Louder and louder
Pat,Pat,Pat the footsteps say
They pause, then speak again
More direct, more focused
Do they want to tell me something?
Pat, Pat, Pat the footsteps yell
As they hurry through the dead leaves
Eager to reach me
A secret to tell?
Pat, Pat, Pat the footsteps scream
Drip, Drip, Drip whispers my blood
As my eyes close
My sight goes dark
My voice.........
:icondreyt:Dreyt 0 0
Mature content
Diamond Eye X: Chapter 1 Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom! :icondreyt:Dreyt 0 0
Mature content
Lack Of Water: Chapter 1 :icondreyt:Dreyt 1 0
CP: Shadaze Part 1
It was an average day today in Blaze’s world. The island was peaceful and Eggman Nega has been quiet for some time; though this did not put the princess in a peaceful mindset. Blaze the cat to be specific, and she was actually very uneasy for several days now. No activity from the Doctor means only that he is plotting.
“Princess! Princess!” An out-of-breath voice panted. The owner of the voice ran into the Sol Emerald chambers, it was Gardon. The lavender feline’s head snapped up to the sound of alarm in her trusted guard’s voice. “What is it?”
“Something has happened in the Great Forest! There was a large tornado and cracks of lightning and some villagers believe they saw something fly out of it.” The worry was clear on Gardon’s face and Blaze’s hands clenched. “Keep watch of the Sol Emerald’s. I’ll go investigate.” And with that Blaze quickly sprinted out of the chambers as Gardon
:icondreyt:Dreyt 8 22
New World cHAPTER 2
Vaan was the ledgend of the DT world, when he started riding he was usless at even the simplest trick, but he grew, developed his own style and was soon recognised as a king. He turned down the position of being one of the Kings of the newly created DT roads as he said it would be no fun starting at the top. He created his own group, the Sky Burners, he earned the respect of his 3 closest friends, Dana whom they had a thing for a while but Vaan was too much of a child to be in a relationship. Dread, a guy whom he fought in a Push battle, Dread won, his strong body and his aggressive attitude were the things that made him an incredible force. However Vaan won his freindship by never staying down and always coming back for more despite the injuries he got from the battles. Finally there was Thread, he was the one taht made the desighns for their teams uniforms, hes not a perfect DT rider but he was able to build just about anything from whatever you give him, Vaan was the first not to ma
:icondreyt:Dreyt 1 0
Shiki: Chapter 3
Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT! That idiot, now I'm late! The teacher is going to have my head! I don't need lectures on the first day back.
Another thing! That guy with the white hair thought it was my first day! I was here the week before school let out on holiday vacation! Ugh. I don't even know his name, so I'll curse him as Bob. Damn you Bob!! DAMN YOU!!!
I burst into the classroom just as Sensei Haio was in the middle of roll call. His head snapped up when the door flew open "Nice of you to join us Miss Tsujo."  I groan slightly "Sorry sensei, I woke up late." He shook his head but instead of lecturing me he just pointed to my seat in the back of the class and said "Take your seat." I complied quickly, sinking into my seat as he finished with the roll call.
The day's lecture begins and is head-bashingly dull. I'm a decent student, would be better if I cared enough, but math is just ugh…
"Okay, now finish some text book work. I have paper work to grade." Yay equations. I ge
:icondreyt:Dreyt 1 0
You have been censored! by Dreyt You have been censored! :icondreyt:Dreyt 2 3
For all, who forgot and-
who scarecley remmeber me
Thank you
You all helped me through life
My closest friends.
Many of you dont speak to me anymore
But thats fine
You all have lives of your own
We all have roles
Mine is to be there and be forgotten
Like a small little hand that gives you a poke in a direction
I have been forgotten by many
But i will never forget you
Thank you all
:icondreyt:Dreyt 1 3
For Her, my one and only
Not a single scentence or word can describe exactly how i feel about you
But ill try my best
Your perfect
Your the one
Ill always love and cherish every word youve said to me
I never thought id find you
After some thought
I decided that you deserve much better than me
But if you want me then youll have me
For ever and ever in life and death
My heart is yours Saffy, and that will never change.
:icondreyt:Dreyt 2 2
For my little sister Boltie
My little sister of no blood
Thank you for being there and thank you for  helping me.
You helped guide me down a rough road
and gave me the amazing feeling of having a sister like you
Thank you my sister
I loved speaking to you adn i still do now
I loved seeing you grow
Get stronger
You make me proud to be called your brother.
And always know no matter what happens, i will always stand by your side
My Little sis
:icondreyt:Dreyt 2 1
Hellstromme: Chapter 2 part 1
Chapter 2 Skullo Merri
As all the students enter the lunch hall, they all look up and notice that the roof was missing revealing the starry sky.
"Is that meant to be some kind of magic?" one student asked.
There was a Mummy teacher at the entrance waving the students by, "Ignore the hole it was just the school mascot playing a joke."
Only then do they notice some people repairing the roof.
The new students are seperated from the old and gather in a straight line on the stage. The old students just sit at the long tables in the hall.
The moment Dearch sits down the seniour students quiet down immediatley to the confusion of the freshman who just follow the example and quiet down themselves.
Dr. Murdock, who was also the Vice Principal, was calling out the names of the new students and asking for their chosen class. The classes are split up like so:
Psicosis: These creatures have powers that infiltrate a targets mind.
Succubus: Dur kinda obvious isnt it?
Incubus: Male versions of Suc
:icondreyt:Dreyt 3 0
Hellstromme: Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Hellstromme
In this world, horror and fear are the most popular things.
Its a very perfect world.
Every morning you hear the trembling screech of a Bloodbank Chicken and everynight you hear the werewolves howl at the moon.
Blissful isnt it?
In the center of this large town known as Bludgeon, the new school year was beginning. New and old students were leaving the train, it was decorated with glowng skull lanterns on the sides. Many different creatures come out, from a group of rambucntious werewolves howling and tackling each other, to some mummies sprinting to the entrance. Mummies in reality are accualy quite fast, the rumours of them being slow are from TV which is all lies btw...2 for 1 my ass.
When everyone was off the train it spoke, "Enjoy your stay at Hellstromme high, be sure to not get expelled because I would be very pissed off taking your corpses back home...have a good time!" and with that it zoomed down the rails back to its home.
Stood at the entrance were 3 pe
:icondreyt:Dreyt 2 0
MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GALLERY X3 Check it out, im a writer so youl mostly find stories and poems, but you may find photo's and some drawings.


My real name? No
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Yea im moving house and the net will take a while to set up .x.

Ill see if i can use my aunts Internet Pen every once in a while though t check my inbox


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