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Welcome to the Realm of Dreyrull!

Welcome to the Realm of Dreyrull!

Imagine yourself. You are an aershaa; a sentient, magic-wielding creature of power and beauty. Around you is mankind, threatening your freedom with chains, collars, and the ability to make you forget the call of the wild, the feel of freedom, and the wind in your wings. Beside you is furrkind, like you in their furred hides and respect for nature, unlike you in their use of tools, their mingling in villages, and their different gods. In the shadows are the Lekkir, a race that is almost a legend, whose ancient words echo in the whisper of the wind and the boughs of the trees. Healers and mages, but mankind's fear and tainted ways have driven them to near extinction.

This is Dreyrull, an original world where you can become an aershaa, human, furr, or Lekkir through interactive roleplaying and battling with other players. Win art of your character and build their story, or begin with a story and earn your art through creative expression! Join us today, and enter the Realm of Dreyrull!


This group is used primarily for our member's character certificates, or "certs," but we also use it for member fanart and current event demos! Browse around - maybe you'll wish to stay?

Gallery Folders

Hige by Dreywalker
Arrats by Dreywalker
Angira by Dreywalker
Angeni by Dreywalker
For Adoption
Current Templates
Full Customs
Overcast by Dreywalker
Tryshina by Dreywalker
Aidan and Raizu by Aurrific
Balefur by Aurrific
Pups + Kits
Kencen by Dreywalker
Ivory Aysel Light by Dreywalker
Diamond Night Wish by Dreywalker
Treasured Filigree Flight by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Airs, xAirs
Dogrib by Dreywalker
Cuaytai by Dreywalker
Gold by Dreywalker
Swellow by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Barren, xBarren
Volug by Dreywalker
Bigby by Dreywalker
Descas by Dreywalker
Mask by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Darks, xDarks
Barranca by Dreywalker
Blackavar by Dreywalker
Dodger by Dreywalker
Esstakeer by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Draians, xDraians
Skyrunner by Dreywalker
Golden Frost by Dreywalker
Larkspur by Dreywalker
Scarletsong by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Fires, xFires
Patrasche by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Ices, xIces
Zenith by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Lights, xLights
Jukkapari by Rei-Azalia
Aershaa: Stones, xStones
Onyx by Rei-Azalia
Aershaa: Waters, xWaters
Aershaa: Everpups
Aershaa: Mutants
Generation 2
Scarletsong by Dreywalker
Generation 3
Andraste by Dreywalker
Aershaa: Undead
Design: Animals
Larkspur by Dreywalker
Design: Cosplay
Fluttershy by Dreywalker
Race: Lekkir
Finn by Dreywalker
Race: Furrs
Danikali by Dreywalker
Race: Humans
Guardians, Familiars + Pets
Celestial Song by Dreywalker
Encyclopedia Illustrations
Potential Dreyrullian Furr Concept: Ranukis by FRivArts
Official Art
RoD What Is A Drix by FRivArts
Protected Characters
Site Design
Art RP
Is this a dARP community?
No, actually! We're an off-site RP community that happens to upload our character images and fanart on deviantART.

I want to join this community!
Great! Head on over to . First thing you'll want to read is The Beginner's Guide to Dreyrull and see if this is something you'd be interested in.

How do I get a character from here?
Read this thread!

Too much reading! Can I have one without all this reading and writing?
The only way to have a character from here without reading is to get one with real money when my RL custom slots are open. Typically, I'll post an announcement when some are available. Otherwise, you must RP or draw your character regularly and have the patience to read to be part of our community. Not everything at once, mind you! Read what you need to know about the race and breed/species/subspecies you'd like to play and the region they'll be living in and work your way from there.

*UPDATE* So RP is required?
Unless you pay real money for your character, or go through the Character Protection Process, you must RP in the forums at least once every 2 months, or update a journal. (That's 6 times a year - not too bad, is it?) HOWEVER, we now have art-only alternatives!

*NEW*  So what's the art alternative to RPing?
A player who is an art-only member must submit a piece of art once every 2 months. It must be clean (easy to view), not on lined paper, and have a visible amount of effort put into it. Sketches are fine on occasion, so long as the effort is apparent and the sketch is cleaned up!

*NEW* Can I do both, art and RPing?
Of course! If your writer's muse is in a slump, but your art muse is alive, by all means, do your bi-monthly requirement in art! Vice-versa? Then write!

*NEW* So can I get a character by just drawing it?
WELL, yes and no. You can draw your own character and submit a profile - because even art-only members have to have a basic profile for their characters - but in most cases, you have to write to obtain site-based art. Occasionally we'll have draw-and-win events and just have you make a minor profile to get started.

Typically my draw-to-own events will be posted here on deviantART.

I'm not terribly good at RP...
We cater to all levels! We will help you with your grammar and punctuation when you ask, but you must try! No internet slang, no *action posts*, and you're good as gold. Or, you can choose the method above!

I want to know more about the world!
Check out our Wiki!

More questions!
More answers!
More Journal Entries



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Wolferess Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Is Dreyrull still a thing? I admit I do miss it, but it seems fairly dead since a while :(

MumzyHyenaBat Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Professional General Artist
What happened to the forums? their just gone?  I suppose I'll put everything here until I figure things out.
FRivArts Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, got it back! I'm afraid it'll be good as dead now after being unreachable for so long (not that it was exactly alive), but it is working!
MumzyHyenaBat Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Awesome! I'll get to posting my pack and story.
FRivArts Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I am not certain if folks are gonna see. I think they may need an all-members email nudge. Last time the group deviations got attention of a couple people~
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FRivArts Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They're still there, but are down because the domain broke and needs to be sorted. It may be another month to do so. Aurr/Rei have been dealing with health and haven't had the chance to reset it to zetaboards default. They do still exist, they're just unreachable.
MumzyHyenaBat Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
I understand! If Dreyrull needs anything, like coding or even website payments, I would be happy to help anytime.
FRivArts Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably when it gets back on track! As it is, I'm just waiting for it to get back XD;;;
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Aurrific Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We've been on a hiatus, but are currently reupdating the site and dA account! :)
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Why can't I get on to the dreyrull forums?......
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