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Destroying planet and moon

Something new. Don't know if it is possible to create a laser that powerful, but its art at the end of the day. From :LeafyguyDS: critique I should say that the smaller object is the moon. The laser is coming from a long distance, being fired by something big. The target was the moon and the planet in one shot. The explosion after the laser would spread to 1000 times its size and become like a sun for a few million years as the energy is dispersed and hence there is nobody nearby. You can think of it as an alien cannon being used to trigger fusion within the planet to use it as a sun.

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First of all, I would like to say that the background and the laser effects and the planet and moon themselves all look really good. But, after that, I do have a few points to make. First of all, which one is the planet and which one is the moon? The big one at the top left looks like our moon, however, I could be wrong and it could be the little one, and it's red because it's exploding, but it's not hinted in the description or anything. Second of all, this powerful laser... where is it coming from? Nowhere in the picture or in the description is there any hint as to what is using the laser. You have a nice background and planets, I'm sure you could've made an alien ship or something. Other than that, I'm just thinking that you could have possibly changed the perspective to make it look like there's more distance between the two, since it IS space, and space IS big. It's a nice piece, but I just think it could've used a little bit more.
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There is an old Maxim in writing, as well as in art. No explanations, no apologies. The viewer is invited to be part of the creative process, and try to figure out what is firing the laser. To criticize the artist for that is sheer laziness on the part of the viewer. IMHO.
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Hmm. I guess I never thought of it that way.
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Probably a little harsh on my assessment, I had been up all night arguing with an atheist. So I apologize for the tone, but not the overall assessment. ;)
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Don't worry about it. :)
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Thanks for that. I've never tried drawing space ships, but that's what I imagined the laser would be coming from. I'll add it to my description right away. :) I take your point perspective, it started off being landscape but then I rotated it for I different angle to my usual layout. I just wanted to preserve the planet's detail thats why I didn't just make the source of the laser more obvious or extended. :)
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Yeah, that's makes sense. C:
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Nothing says "War Declared" better than this gesture.  :omg:

(Assuming anyone on the mother planet survives to retaliate...)
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Haha, that is true. Lasers in space, sniping planets xD
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By the way
its possible to create this laser.But its possible to create laser of this power in HUGE ship.Need only powerful generator
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You got it there. :) My imagination doesn't go that far. :)
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Yay. Big explosions :XD:
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