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How to draw a wolf or dog

Okay a while back Tala had asked me to do a tutorial so I promised her I would and hear it is. Well the face isn't the best anatomy is off but this is just to show how to draw a dog. It was done speedily in class, I really didn't have much time nor did I feel well. But, this shows how 'I' draw my dogs/wolves and hopefully it can help you. It is all basic shapes. And is shown step by step how to draw the head, the bodies are there for examples on how to use shapes and anatomy with the dog/wolf bodies. I hope this helps someo of you. ^^ Enjoy.
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Thanks for this. I will refer you in any study I upload based on this one
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Very easy to follow and informative- will be trying this method soon. Thanks!

Happy drawing!

- Moondancer31
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fuck your dog piece of shit
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im in desperate need of points please donate…
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D00d I love you. This freaking helped so much. NEW WATCHER :D
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THANK YOU this really helped I was doing a lot of things wrong
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how do you do mouths open? and, thanks! my wolves are looking better already and I haven't even finished!
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Now I can draw a better wolf thanks
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i honestly dont no how i got here,but could you post out how to draw a wolf facing forward like for "step 4" plzzzz
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Wow! Thanx dude! This was wery helpfull and AWESOME!!! :3 It helped me to draw wolves soo much better :P
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Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have been working on drawing front view for about 5 yeas now and could never get it right, and using your tutorial allowed me to get it right. I finally drew a front view that actually looks like my character from a front view!! I will post it later!
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Step one:
Get a nice, crisp clean sheet of paper.
At first, draw small. Leave room for mistakes.
lol. Learned that from experience.
But really, that helps. :)
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your skillz are AMAZING!!!!
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wow it helped a lot
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thanks for this tutorial
This is amazing!
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wow this helps me a lot =3
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cant really see......
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yay i can draw a dog now!!! i <3 this
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This really really helped me!!!!
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