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Recently i have been kind of struggling to get through making my comic, and i'm going to be starting college by september meaning i'll be having even less time to work on it. i considered this before, but now i really think it's one of the best choices for now...

would you guys be okay if i released the rest of the chapters of my comic as just sketches?
Frame 3 Preview by DrewTheRedPoochyena

i know it's lazy, but it would extremely help, i would have each chapter finished faster and i don't need to worry myself over doing lineart and coloring which can get tiring when doing so many in a row

also if you all say yes, that means i can prepare to release chapter 2 by the weekend!

please let me know what you think in the comments
if you want to follow me for updates on.....everything, here it is. you don't have to follow if you don't want to, i don't care about how many followers i get, the purpose of the account is for updates on my comic series or any projects i have.

i will also share screenshots of sketches i've made from time to time, mostly for the comic series.

thank you
i installed malwarebytes and i even bought premium. i ran 3 scans and it removed all that it could. the only problem now is that the website blocker is all over the place, i needed to add an exception url to its database to allow me to search on google, but even so it still gives me countless notifications about it blocking something, mostly when i'm going on different pages on deviantart and tumblr. also it blocks the new tab page on chrome, how the hell does it do that?!

anyways, i'm safe, sorry if i made any of you worried. i'm going to continue sketching chapter 3 tomorrow, so work on my comic is still going, but just a bit slowly.

i might make a twitter so i can update everyday. if you guys like that idea, give me a yes in the comments below

thank you
while currently my screen right now is covered in ads because of viruses, that's the least of my worries right now, but it is making it harder to type this because i can't see some things i'm typing right now, so sorry if there are any misspells.

anyways, the biggest problem right now is that my computer has detected that a password stealer has been found on my computer. so i really want you guys to know that if all of a sudden anything happens to my accounts, like my art being deleted, sor some asshole decides to make me look like a jerk through journal entries and replies, let me let you know that that is not me. i try my best to not be a jerk ever.

so i'll be fixing my computer in the meantime and i may update if i do fix everything.
I don't know where else to put this, so i decided a journal entry is best. i will update here whenever i make progress on my comic series.

Chapter 1:
Writing: done
Sketching: done
Lineart: done
Coloring: done

Completed! read it here: 

Chapter 2:
Writing: done
Sketching: done
Lineart: haven't started
Coloring: haven't started

Chapter 3:
Writing: done
Sketching: a quarter way there
Lineart: haven't started
Coloring: haven't started

Chapter 4:
Writing: halfway done
Sketching: haven't started
Lineart: haven't started
Coloring: haven't started

Chapters 5 and 6:
They will actually be done by a friend of mine. writing is done by me, but the rest is yet to be started. more details soon

Chapter 7:
Writing: done
Sketching: haven't started
Lineart: haven't started
Coloring: haven't started

Chapter 8:
Writing: done
Sketching: haven't started
Lineart: haven't started
Coloring: haven't started

Please Understand and have patience, it should take a while to complete everything. i will upload each chapter once they're finished and in order
Sorry for not updating so often as i used to, but i've been secretly working on a project for the past year and am still working on it now. it's about time to reveal it, and what better time than on a very special occassion. 

It's a comic series about my characters, the first chapter has been uploaded just now. now so far, the series is far from completed, but i've planned to upload this specific chapter today to let you guys know i'm busy on it. 

For those who are interested and want to read more, please have pacience, as i've said before it's far from complete so i don't know how long it will take for all.........7-8 chapters to be completed, but i promise it will eventually be finished.

i will hopefully upload an update video explaining more sometime later this week onto my youtube. 

right now, i'm tired and i need to sleep. enjoy what i have for display now and have a great day.
and thank you for the happy birthday comments japan. on this day, 9 years ago. september 28th, 2006, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl was released in japan for the nintendo ds, it since then became an important part of Pokémon's history as it was the first time the series leaped into the DS and with Semi-3d graphics. it has also become the 3rd highest selling main series games by far.

anyone here have fond memories of their adventure in the sinnoh region? leave a comment below, i'd love to hear. :3
i wanted to join in on the fun too

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
well, if my older account counts, i've been on for about 5 years now

2. What does your username mean?

umm....Drew is my name, i am a red Poochyena......pretty self explanitory

3. Describe yourself in 3 words

ehh.........kind-hearted, lazy, linguistic

4. Are you Left or Right handed?

I'm a righty 

5. What was your first Deviation?

on my old account:  background by nisel97
on this account:  -reupload- oshawott sheet by DrewTheRedPoochyena

6. What is your favorite type of art to make?

digital drawings of Pokémon and sometimes feral fursonas

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?


8. What was your first favorite?

on my old account:  Poochyena- The Stalker by crayon-chewer

on this account:  Paint.NET Stamp - firefly-18 by Club-PaintDotNET

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?

digital drawings it seems

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?, that's a hard one....uhh.....either :iconkoriarredondo:, :iconbluekomadori: or :iconninja-jamal:

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

everyone i watch that i don't know in real life!

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

:iconriuauraeon: he's my best online friend next to Zolunerro. he inspired me to start animation, and almost everyday when i'm online and he's there, we'd always have a fun time chatting......or just share a bunch of links we find online
:iconzolunerro: this guy's awesome, he inspires me to draw and even inspired me to take up writing again, when i do write a story (for a project coming up soon) he gives feedback and suggests ideas to help
:icongoforaperfect2010: if i never met this guy, i wouldn't be the artist i am today. it started when during my first year of high school, he was drawing during break and asked me to try drawing something too. even though at the time i wasn't too confident in my drawings, i decided to do so by drawing an eevee from memory, i looked at the finished drawing and thought it looked great, so since then i've been drawing and practicing more. Mr. SwagKirby, if you're reading this, i just want to say thank you.
:iconkosherpicklejar: she's my cousin, i've known her the longest out of anyone i am friends with on deviantart, it's always a pleasure whenever she visits our family or when i visit her. She's always there for me whenever i need to decide what to do in life.
:iconpsychlibsci: my other cousin, and an awesome one too. even though he's gotten chron's disease a handful of years ago, he's still always optomistic, he inspires me to practice playing guitar and i'm always glad whenever i see him

What are your preferred tools to create art?

pencil and graphics tablet

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

my room

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

when i first made friends on DeviantArt back on my old account nisel97 and when i started to become good friends with RiuAuraeon
only now do i realize i favorite way too much. just look at my Favorites page. not only will you find a ton of amazingly well made drawings, but 156 PAGES OF IT. 7 pages worth of poochyena pictures, 17 pages worth of eevee pictures, 14 pages worth of sylveon pictures and more. i can't even complete the new folder "Other favorite Pokémon", not without tiring myself out so much. 
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oh Iwata, why did he have to go?! why?!:cry:
even though i was never interested in them, i was bored today and i decided to try anyways. so i got visualboyadvance and a rom of leafgreen. i chose the male character, named myself Drew. then i chose Bulbasaur, named it bulby. then...........i lost the first rival battle. and since most of you know in Nuzlockes, fainting=death, i lost really quickly.................... 

*sigh* okay, i will never ever ever do a nuzlocke again
I am a Straight-Romantic Asexual/Gynoromantic Asexual

which means that i am not interested in sex or any sexual activities, however i can still love a girl romantically. Although i can appreciate and find beauty in how well a girl looks (and be a bit pervy too), what i truly look for in a romantic partner is their personality and interests. guys have no idea how long it took for me to finally figure this out....
just thought i'd share that with all of you
just in case no one noticed, i have accounts for other websites, links to them all are listed under my DeviantID right under the list of people i know in real life, the language level thingies and the 2 quotes that i plan to include in something one day. 

now for how often i use the account and websites:

Youtube- i'm on it everyday, watching plenty of things. currently i have no plans for future videos unless i make something really quick and short

Furaffinity- haven't used it in a while, but you can find some things on there i made, you can follow me if you'd like, maybe someday i'll use it frequently again

Steam- on it everyday, i mostly use it to talk to my friends RiuAuraeon and Zolunerro. Add me as a friend if you'd like

Cheezburger- on it frequently, not technically everyday. i post random unrelated things there and favorite a bunch of funny or cute pictures or videos

Tumblr- on it everyday, i don't post too often but i do post exclusive sketches and updates. also you can ask me questions on tumblr too, even if you're anonymous. i use it so i can follow a bunch of different people like BalenaProductions, my friend Riu who i mentioned on the steam status, my sister in real life, DidYouKnowGaming, some ask blogs, a few people i already watch on deviantart and ProZD (search for him, he's amazing and hilarious)

Weasyl- use it sometimes, mostly so i can show my friends and teachers my art work in school since deviantart is blocked there. i also uploaded a few things you wouldn't find on my deviantart over there too.
i just tried connecting the tablet again and it turns out it still works, the only logical conclusion i have is that my computer just didn't recognize it yesterday.

damnit Laptop, you nearly gave me a heart-attack at age 17!!

This laptop has been having plenty of problems since i installed windows 8.1 on it. i can't switch back to windows 7 because i don't have a proper way of transferring all my files. *sigh* all i can say is that i hope windows 10 comes out sooner....
Rest in Piece VisTablet PenPad
1/18/2013 - 2/12/2015

i now have no way to draw for you guys, you don't know how much this saddens me. I am sorry to all my watchers waiting for me to post something new, but unless i get lucky or a miracle happens, I'll try saving money for a new one, but that will take a while. I can't post anything for a while unless it's paper sketches or screenshots of things.
shrimp tempura roll............and i like it :3

also i got matcha green tea pocky
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i was bored so i decided to gather thoughts about what my friends and i usually talk about

:icongoforaperfect2010:GoForAPerfect2010 (conversations in real life)
1. Spongebob Squarepants, half the time referencing and quoting from early episodes
2. Pokémon
3. Youtube Poops 
4. Classic Youtube videos (usually parodies of certain things we like, like pokemon spoofs)
5. PeanutButterGamer's videos like Hey You Pikachu review, link:the faces of evil review and top 10 cutest characters in video games

:iconriuauraeon:RiuAuraeon (through Steam chat on pc)
1. i mostly show pictures or videos from websites like youtube, cheezburger and other things i could find
2. references to spongebob, Jontron and/or the Sonic Zombie series
3. some things about life
4. Role-Playing at certain points in time, mostly when in a group chat with Riu and Chase

:iconzolunerro:Zolunerro (through Steam chat on pc)
1. life and usually problems facing in it
2. i occasionally show him same pictures and videos i show to riu
3. Role-playing, rarely by just the 2 of us but most of the time in a group chat with Riu and Chase

:iconcheshipoochi:Cheshipoochi (through Steam chat on pc)
1. sometimes pictures and videos that i show to Riu and Neon/Zolunerro
2. Role-Playing only when in a group chat with Riu and Neon/Zolunerro
oddly enough, we both have poochyena oc's yet we don't always talk too often for some reason

:iconcatscat112:CatsCat112 (conversations in real life)
1. her island on tomodachi life 
2. Pokémon 
3. we sometimes bring plushies and hats to our school
4. interesting or pointless facts, trivia and theories

:iconjoeisbadass:joeisbadass (conversations in real life) 
1. theories
2. trading cards (like the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and Pokémon cards)
3. sometimes debates

:icontenmarko:TenmaRKO (comments on deviantart)
1. life
2. deviantart

hopefully some of you reading would use this idea and write a journal about it when you're bored
i just came back from Best Buy attending the Smash-Fest, and i have to say, what an experience. i waited an hour and a half outside in a line, i started talking to a group of guys, i traded some of my Shiny Pokémon to others with X or Y, and i also went against 5 other people in a game of Mario Kart 7. Plus i got so many street passes, i completed my Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Kirby: Return to Dreamland panels on Puzzle Swap. so after that, i went inside and waited in another line, but it was short, i went over to the wii u version and recorded one of the rounds on my 3ds. Eventually it was my turn, i picked up the wii u pro controller set to player 3 and i chose to play as Pikachu with brendan's Headband, i went up against a few people playing as Little Mac, MegaMan and Greninja. Now, i never used a wii u pro controller before and i also barely had experience in the smash bros games, i chose Pikachu because i am more familiar with his controls. I died a couple of times but in the end, i actually won! i don't know how, i'd thought i would lose. Either the people i was playing with were bad or not customed to the new characters, Pikachu is overpowered in this game or i got lucky. i really wanted to take a picture of the result screen, but i was too late. in the end, i had a lot of fun, i got myself a smash bros pin which i put on my hat and left Best Buy with my dad. I hope nintendo does something like this again.

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