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By drewisgenki
I created this piece for my final project in a Lighting and Rendering class. I worked on it over a span of 2 weeks.

3D assets Created using Maya 2008/Mental Ray
Textures, hand painted from Reference using Adobe Photoshop CS3

Occlusion and Bloom created using Shake
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© 2008 - 2021 drewisgenki
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It's incredible...could I use it as background?
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Wow... haven't logged into DA in like 2 years? Now I have a gazillion messages... kinda awesome that I got chosen for a DD... but I agree with most of the comments looking back at this college-level project I see soooooo many problems with it.

After doing professional VFX for almost 3 years now this definitely looks like student work to me!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! What a nice surprise!
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That's the bomb.

No seriously, why is there a bomb by the window?
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this is awesome.
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GIves a strange sensation this one: the idea of the "abandonded bomb" is ncie. It's like you can see the previous owners of the house saying,
"OK, guys, it's time to move. Let's get all the furniture in the van."
"Hey Dad, what about the bomb?"
"The bomb? Oh heck. We're not taking that thing again. Leave it here for the next owners."
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So that's where I left my bomb.
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te quedo muy bien , eso es usar photoshop , y ademas tiene un cierto aire nostalgico
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omg, that looks like my family room!
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then you might wanna do something about your bomb, i heard those thing's aren't too safe
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Beautiful lighting you created here.
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Wow, this house is under some weird renovations, seriously! Who the flip leaves a BOMB in the middle of the living room!?
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OMG Super-stunning !!
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I kinda really like this piece :)
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Nice work, but how did the bomb get in the room - the windows aren't broken?
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Sry, but this is definitly not a DD.

Things to do better:
-Bumpmaps are too strong everywhere, tiling is visible
- Textures and are low-res and/or unrealistic (ground)
-Lightning is not always correct (Missing GI/AO)

In my opinion it is quite good, but nothing specials. Many artists can do this much better, even many screenshots from Computergames are much more realistic.

Sry, but there are so many great renderings... This is not one that should be highlighted in this way.
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This is a really nice piece, the textures are good and the detail is effective. But I have to agree with a previous post that the bomb isn't quite right. The texturing and shape seem fine to me, but it doesn't look like it has landed, it looks like it has been lain there. There is no hole for it to have come in and it's not at the right angle. Sorry to be nit picking to an otherwise very effective piece of art.
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Good job on the lighting, it brings out your textures beautifully.
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