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Welcome to the Never

Mirror reflections of the Never Never creek - Promise Land, Gleniffer. I've swam here many times before and never has it crossed my mind to shoot looking through the arched tree tunnel, with the crystal clear water reflecting them calmly. I will be back to this location very soon I hope.

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we're goin' to the Never
we're goin' to the Never
we're goin' toooOOOooOOo the NEVER
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This is a really pretty shot.Do you live in Astralia?
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So beautiful!!! <3
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This is magestic! Amazing how those trees grew to make an arch like that!
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mystical and a little scary. It's as if you'd be lost and would never go back after getting into this place. Plus there must be crocs and anacondas around and waiting for food.^^
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you live in paradise i hope you know
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So natural ! I love !
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i LOVE this place :D but i like half drowned when i tried to find out how deep it was..XD
I love the swing there 2 :D
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ya know when you always want a book, or one of your thoughts to be a part of a movie? well this pic makes me want a movie!
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Beautiful ! Makes one think of Lord of the Rings :D
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Featured in my journal! :) Keep up the great work!
fighting4love's avatar speachless. wow. it's so beautiful...just, wow.
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makes me remember 'the notebook' 's particular instance ..lovely calm shot
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Wow, this is just stunning! Could I please paint this (watercolour)?
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I am still dreaming about places like this.
Very cool photo, congratulations!
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it looks like such a wonderful shot! lovely colours and details :)
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wow you have beautiful work!
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i just wanna jump into this picture, its so ...magical! :) <3
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thats gorgeous!! it makes me think of never land from peter pan....the title helps :D sooo pretty there!
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