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Time Travel

Night time extravaganza, Wenonah Head - Mid North Coast, NSW Australia.

All images are ©copyright Drew Nelson Hopper. You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate, or modify this image without my permission. All Rights Reserved.
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I like the long exposure technique. Dramatic look... :D
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How long of an exposure did you use for this image ?
DrewHopper's avatar
Can't remember but it was very long :)
roseuly's avatar
hahah cool, dont worry i will figure it out soon !
Cbluff's avatar
mesmerizing <3
jacqui1990's avatar
omg I defs love this so much colour! :)
ecodigitography's avatar
that was a fun night Drew ~ looking forward to creating some more dreamy otherworldly scapes when I return from Fruitopia lol
peace brother :)
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Thanks Tony. It was a great evening indeed. Jess and myself have some cool ideas for photos which we need your lighting expertise with. Speak soon man :P
Jazzhead's avatar
Wow..Interesting..Your just having to much fun.
DrewHopper's avatar
Yep, I do what I love doing :)
randomite93's avatar
The greatest photo in the universe... thats all I can say :wow: XD
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looks awesome man how did you light the trees ?
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ahhh great thinking
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keep pushing the limits. i like it.
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wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! WOOOOHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :icontailsohnoesplz: *Gets sucked back into time and looks like bones and meat*
styxthedrummer's avatar
did you light paint it? really awesome shot btw.
autum-fire's avatar
Beautiful. I love how you can see the stars though the clouds. Very nicely done.
alban-expressed's avatar
Looking really good. :-)
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