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The Enchanted Forest

Dorrigo World Heritage National Park, NSW Australia.

A poem inspired by this image by ~feralvulkir


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thats great :P love it!
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that is all.
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very beautiful !!
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I've featured your Art here: [link]
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You have been featured in the Aus-Art Featured Gallery this week

:party: :party: :party:
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stunning details on tree. So beautiful, Hope you have time to write a tutorial how to make photos so beautiful like this
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Lovely depth of field! such a lovely place as well. so much greenery!
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Thank you kindly!
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You're welcome!
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The blur in the background has a bit of a processed feel to it for some reason, but otherwise I like the shot, even if I would have preferred it 'au naturel'

DrewHopper's avatar
A bit much saturation maybe?
Alex37's avatar
it might just be that the bokeh isnt very nice? I think the saturation and colour balance is good (although as a general point I can easy recognise your images because of the saturation levels)
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The bokeh wasn't very nice there and I did some dodging and burning in places to help that. It looks better than the original in my opinion. Cheers Alex.
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Exactly what the title says and once again I love your playing with the DOF! Tilt and Shift?
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Just the 10-22mm :)
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this is beautiful, i love the depth to it.
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Next time compose w/o the trail right there! :P Great atmosphere going on there

DrewHopper's avatar
Yeah next time. I wanted a photo of the trail though, it's my favourite place :)
aFeinPhoto-com's avatar
And there ya go :) Good for the forest service perhaps :)
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very nice composition Drew...depth....atmosphere....Love the feathers looking like flames....lightning the magic way.....:sun::hug:
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That is simply mind blowing! :wow:
absolutely love it! so beautiful!
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