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Light Dreams

Light painting.



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Holey moley! How did you crack any of these off?
Looks like a 3D-ish Spirograph dealie with some extra magenta smoke.
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I have written an 8 page article on creating these light paintings. It should be out in the September or October issue of Australian Photography magazine. I will also post a blog on my website after the magazine is released. :P
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:wow: How do you do this?
dugbud62's avatar
Hello drewboy has me to believe the Power of Three.
Trinitite's avatar
Gorgeous colors!
250981's avatar
This is mindblowing!!!!
This should get a daily deviation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goanna-Equine's avatar
Great colours and effects =)
Very intriguing, too. Trying to work out how you created the spirographic swirls - thinking you might have swung a unicycle around?
GrafxEclecti's avatar
AWESOME colors Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
BrookeBeers's avatar
Wow, that's amazing
Jacob-Routzahn's avatar
Bet you use a ball ;)
Shoayb's avatar
amazing shot as usual from you :)
Wildpink3's avatar
makes me think in part of spiro graph. Very Wild.
Capstoned's avatar
Amazing!!!!! Love the pink smoke, those cant be handheld lights in the circulars they so perfect... are you spinning the camera? Great group of techniques!
orgildinho's avatar
nice ! there is a guy who takes photos like u. like him [link]
Simili84's avatar
The technique used to make those light paterns is as mysterious to me as Benoit Paille's Light Square shots :)
JanPusdrowski's avatar
how did you use the LED String lights? Whats the secret behind this technique? I would love to see a tutorital or a "behind the scene" shot :P
liquidiridium's avatar
interesting. love the colors :)
TriforceZZ's avatar
Intense colour mate!
FeatheringAngel's avatar
Whoa! Looks like a new way of time traveling!
psyfre's avatar
What was the old way?
FeatheringAngel's avatar
I have no idea. Whatever HollyWood makes time travel tubes. Lol. But I like yours better, I wished they use that in HollyWood movies.
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