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I never noticed the rainbow, I guess I was too busy running around like a headless chicken trying to find a composition before the light passed. It felt like there was a tornado approaching the coast from out at sea, such an adrenaline rush.

Third Headland, Urunga - NSW Australia.

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How do you get those colours? fantastic work
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Featured in "Best of Photography - NATURE - April 2010": [link]

Congratulations =) !
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This photo have been featured on <a [link]">Thumbs of the Week 118th</a>.:wave:
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I love the results!!! It's a great composition and combination of tones :)

I blogged it here if you don't mind.. instant :+fav: also ;)

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Not at all, thank you :)
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This photo was featured to my journal :) [link]
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Watch your saturation man, feel it's starting to go a little overboard, nonetheless a nice shot.
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Stunning! I don't see a rainbow, unless you're talking about all the different colors in this photo. If not, let me know where it is! I want to see it! *flail*
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Interesting color.
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Haha I love how you describe yourself as a headless chicken. It's so true, sometimes I miss out on the beauty around me when I'm trying to compose a shot... but sometimes they go hand in hand :)
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Wow! This is a beautiful picture, stunning colors. It makes you think that even with all the horrible things happening in the world today there are still beautiful moments like this.
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As with all your photos, this one is epic and magnificent.
Love how the water looks :)
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Awsome! This sky is incredible!...Nice perspective too! ...Beautiful Drew...:sun::hug:
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Wow I love this picture is beautiful :love:

a rose for you :rose:
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Awesome shot! Is this the same place where you took the shot "Heaven and Hell"? Coz the beach looks really familiar... . Cool job and well done :D
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fantastic colours!
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I know the feeling; the rush of being able to capture the moment when you want to. But you have all the luck of being in a location where these images are readily available to you. Stunning work, as always!
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