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Dangar by Dusk

I've always wanted to shoot these falls at night. Never really bothered shooting from a lower perspective, as the lookout platform is a great vantage point. Anyway, long exposure of the All Mighty Dangar Falls - Dorrigo, NSW Australia.

480sec exposure

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I like all your work, but this one caught my eye, have to say u are very talented!
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Nice tones in the sky, this stream is pretty beautiful
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Those numbers don't add up. Even30sec @ f/11 iso200 gives total whiteout. Except I guess if you have an uber-dark filter? It is a beautiful shot. But why not f/29?
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It was taken at night with no artificial light around. The moon was rather full so that lit up the scene enough to keep my iso low. No need to close the aperture anymore, that would be exposing for longer or increasing iso which I didn't want to do.
wow.... amazing....
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this place does not exist
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It most certainly does :)
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The sky really stands out to me in this picture, the clouds compliment the falls so well its crazy. The whole photo almost looks like a really detailed drawing from the lion king or something. I'm a big fan of that one tree that just pops up in the middle there too. XD
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Brilliant as always, Was it trial and error, or did you get it first time.
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yeah that's insane, doesn't even look real!

what time of night?
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Very nice shot!
Love it
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Cracking bit of work there Drew...The tops of the trees in the background are a tad that from a GND? Outstanding capture though
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Stunning capture and long exposure.
reluctant-artist-01's avatar
:wow: wow absolutely breathtaking!!!!
stunning shot!!:clap::clap:
man i will have to save up so i can go to Dorrigo, absolutely beautiful!!
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Brilliant shot Drew. The direction of the cloud movement compliments the composition nicely
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simply awesome.
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Thanks mate. Hey I was wondering do you have msn? Would love to chat about housings :)
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You can add me on facebook, look for me under my real name.
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