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Mature  |  Published: October 20, 2018
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‘Avatar: Archive – Best Of fab1rr DA Main Site Folder – Jessica Vs Holli Boxing’.  Render by: fab1rr.
This is the full title as the DA title block doesn’t have enough slots for all the words.

Boxer fella (Sports) by Ehsartem

I have decided to create a ‘Avatar’ that will serve as the pictorial gateway to a DA Main Site Folder I titled: ‘Archive: Best Of fab1rr’.  This folder will hold all of the illustrated paintings of the artist ‘Fab', who has a DA Main Site he calls:  ‘fab1rr’.  Fab is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has a sense of humor, which he shows visually, that is only exceeded by his artistic talent.
This Avatar shows the full scope of his humor as well as his artistic prowess, and is the reason I chose this painting as the Avatar.  

The following thoughts are from the artist’s DA Main Site ‘Artists Comments’ section when he uploaded this render onto his Site on October 29, 2008:

Title:  ‘Jessica Versus Holli Boxing’:  “I made this drawing inspired by a suggestion from: Dan Le Cleir, whose DA Site is: ‘arenafighter’.  
Together with my previous work, ‘Pancratium Vs Muay Thai’, these drawings served me as new experiences.
However, now I should return to my previous project, to color my old drawings.”

The following are comments from DA viewers and are from the artist’s DA ‘Viewers Comments’ section:

Starting with the comment from Dan Le Cleir:  
From: arenafighter – October 29, 2008:  “Awesome Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You sooooo Much!!!!
This is Better than Expected!”

Here is Fab’s reply to Dan:
Reply from:  fab1rr – October 30, 2008:  “It was a pleasure.
I adored the idea.”

The ‘Idea’ was from Dan who suggested that Fab pit: ‘Holli Would’, a cartoon character from the movie ‘Cool World’, against another cartoon character: ‘Jessica Rabbit’, from the movie: ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, together in a boxing match scene.  
Which Fab did, and is depicted at the top of this lengthy tome:  

From:  Green-Legend – October 29, 2008: ”My, been so long since I seen that 'Cool World' movie.  Almost was baffled on who the Blonde was. But I like how Roger can’t tell the difference between blood or if it is ketchup?
But my money would be on Holli.”

Reply from: fab1rr – October 30, 2008:  “I really had difficulties with the face of Holli.
Her drawing changes a little along the film and of the framings.
Thank you for your comment...
Oh, I would also bet in Holli!”

From:  nygiant1952 – October 30, 2008:  “A fantastic piece of art work. Cartoon characters in the ring is something new for me...  And I am liking it!”

From: Harris2300 – August 9, 2009:  “I remember watching the TV trailer for Cool World a long time ago and thinking:  'This has 'Rodger Rabbit' knockoff written all over it.'
I finally saw the movie years later on Sci-Fi and it looked like my thoughts were justified. The whole plot was that if you screw a cartoon character, it'll either destroy the universe or she'll just become human. The rest of the movie was bizarre beyond words but I'm sure it has its own niche audience who just like the character designs and leave it at that.”

From:  atomskmaster6 – September 7, 2009:  “VERY BRILLIANT WORK!!  TOO BAD YOU WON'T SEE THIS FIGHT ON CARTOON NETWORK!!
I really love how well you drew this picture:
Jessica has a perfect figure, perfect huge breasts, long beautiful red hair, flawless skin, very sexy outfit, cool gloves, beautiful purple eyeshadow and red lips, and an interesting yet painful facial expression. Holli also has a perfect figure, flawless skin, very sexy outfit, short beautiful blond hair, perfect huge breasts, beautiful blue eyes and red lips, and an interesting yet satisfied facial expression.
I wonder; Will Holli knock out Jessica and win the fight, or will Jessica get mad as well as Holli and resort to ripping each other’s clothes off? It will be interesting to find out. KEEP UP THE BRILLIANT WORK!!"

Reply from:  fab1rr – September 7, 2009:  “Thanks for the comment!”

In my DA Main Site I have a number of folders, and as such each folder will have a full size avatar as its logo.
When selecting an avatar for a group folder it has to be the best of the best because it will represent all of the other renders in that folder.  That is why I have chosen this one, as I consider it a masterpiece in representing both the imagination and attention to detail, and the humor that fab1rr brings to all his works.  

Moving on to the artist who created this epic masterwork:

The artist who created this astonishing render has a ‘DA Site’ he calls: ‘fab1rr’. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Lucky guy, he. All he needs to do is go to the beach for inspiration. We have had a long, and strong, relationship, and as such early on he gave me written permission to upload any of his multitudes of paintings and illustrations as well as alter any of his titles.

The question now arises, and it is this:  Fab has created in this render a 'Creampuff' of an illustrated painting, which is funny, superbly done, and a delight to look at.  But can he do serious 'Combative Women' fighting works?
Can her ever!  
Here are some examples of his ability to portray the 'Down And Dirty' brutality of female fighting:

Starting with the visual link to a painting I titled: ‘Masterpieces By Others - Nr: 9’: LINK:  

Mature Content

Masterpieces By Others-Nr:9 by drewhammond

Next is the visual link to a picture that I titled: 'Madonna Versus Rihanna'. Rendering by: fab1rr:  LINK:  

Mature Content

Madonna Versus Rihanna by drewhammond

After that is the visual link to a painting I titled: ‘Masterpieces By Others - Nr: 11’: LINK: 

Mature Content

Masterpieces By Others-Nr:11 by drewhammond

Also the visual link to a astonishing picture I titled: ‘Masterpieces By Others - Nr: 12’:  LINK: 

Mature Content

Masterpieces By Others-Nr:12 by drewhammond

Concluding with the visual link to a brilliant rendition of a boxing match between Chun-Li and Cammy, which I titled: ‘Archive Celebrity Fights: Chun-Li Kayos Cammy’: Painting by: fab1rr:  LINK:

Mature Content

Archive Celebrity Fights:Chun Li Kayos Cammy by drewhammond

‘Nuff said. 

But there will be more.

Except to add, here is the fab1rr DA Main Site link: LINK:
And here is the visual link to the avatar for his DA Site logo link: LINK:  :iconfab1rr:
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And so is your DA Main Site.  I love your work.  Drew.  
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