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Eating Leather Too’, by Gavin Michelli. What we have here is a major masterwork by a major talent. This is a case whereby art begets art. The model for this rendering was an illustration done years ago by another major talent by the name of Robert A. Moody, who went by: RAM. However, that is what he went by in his early period. Later, when he changed is illustrative style he went by: Rumbler. And that is the name he used when he did the illustration that inspired this painting to be created. I’ll upload the Rumbler work next week. Gavin did an earlier work for me titled: Eating Leather’. Now it becomes clear of how the current title evolved. The college English Majors will immediately pick up on the fact that ‘Too’ should be ‘Two’, since it’s the second picture with the same theme. Well, I’m invoking poetic license here by using: ‘Too’. The original of his work, which is framed and hanging on a wall in my house, measures 2 1/2 feet wide by 2 feet high. From the start the artist and I worked to make this a major work, and one way is to have a ringside crowd watching the action. The previous work he did for me was intended to be more intimate, and as such, smaller; with no crowd. The following was written about the previous work, but much of it is apropos as relates to this one:
“The title is: ‘Eating Leather’, and was created by Gavin Michelli. What we have here is a minor masterpiece by a major talent. Minor, as differentiated from some of the epic masterworks I’ve uploaded onto the ‘DA’ Site. It measures 2 feet x 2 feet square – Not the big 3 footers of the epics. As any woman will lie, size doesn’t matter, and in this case it doesn’t. What does matter is compacted in this tight rendering, and visually rings true about the bloody brutality of female boxing, mixed in with tongue-in-cheek humor (look at the snarl on the Blonde’s face); over-the-top sexuality (forget the bare breasts – look at the excited clits that are outlined in the boxing trunks); great attention to detail (the stitching and laces on the boxing gloves); dramatic POV (Point Of View) of not one, but two boxing gloves heading toward the viewer’s face; and finally the bold colors. I commissioned Gavin to make visual what was in my mind’s eye and he did it magnificently. Needless to say he does commissions and is a joy to work with. His patience is boundless, which has to be, working with me. I’ve never had an artist work for me, I have always tried to have them work with me. This rendering is a perfect example.”
As I said, Gavin does commissions. His Deviant Art Site is: gavinslayer.
Well, ‘Nuff said. So I hope that you ‘Too’ will enjoy this remarkable work. I have. And do. Drew. His Link: gavinslayer.deviantart.com/

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I Am Leaving Deviant Art

I Am Leaving Deviant Art

I just found out today that after May 20, 2020, the on/off switch to stay with the current Deviant Art format or switch to the new Eclipse format will be eliminated.  There after only the Eclipse format will be available.  I can't believe that the creator of Deviant Art, my friend Angelo Sotira, would be talked into making this decision.  I am not leaving as a protest.  I just let Angelo know that today.  No hard feelings on my part.  It was great knowing him.  I am leaving because I hate Eclipse and am sad I no longer have to choose between it and the older format that Angelo and his team brilliantly designed years ago. I will maintain the c

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I studied the cabaret aspect of post war women's boxing in Germany. The serious shortage of males after each world war (including the Spanish Flu epidemic) meant that women had to temporarily become the major wage earners in most families. This was most serious after WWI when hyper inflation and depressed economy meant women had to find any work they could or families would starve. Martial art sports, including boxing, were seen as alternatives to even worse occupations (including prostitution) an lasted even after the Weimar Republic fell. The Nazi's were health nuts but did not respect women's sports as females were expected to be baby factories to populate Germany's Second Reich.

Due to the western powers fears of the Soviet Union, ruinous reparations were not imposed and the West German economic recovery of the early 1950's lessened but did not replace the need for women to enter combat sports. Women's wrestling, and to a lesser degree boxing, as entertainment was tolerated and promoted but not to the degree that occurred after WWI.

The next wave of women's boxing in Germany occurred in the 1970's and not war connected.
It was at first mostly burlesque in nature but spread to other European countries. Britain had its own Boxing tents at fairs that sometimes featured women, but was largely ignored by the boxing fraternity. Countries with traditions of women in combat sports such as Thailand and Japan quickly adopted female boxing. Suddenly, fascination with women's boxing became a world wide phenomenon. It took a while for women's boxing to be accepted as a pro sport and even longer for it to become accepted as an amateur sport. Although there are still people who feel contempt towards the sport, or look down at it's burlesque beginnings, it is now a mostly acceptable sport in the manner of other martial arts. Today, the arguments are directed against MMA which is often looked upon as modern gladiatorial fighting.
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