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Hey guys and gals!

I'll be at Momocon this weekend (from today to Sunday).  It's here in Atlanta, downtown at the Hilton hotel.  I'll be in the artists alley, so be sure to come on down and look for the scraggly beard!

  • Listening to: MIKA - Origin Of Love
  • Reading: Nothing right now...
  • Watching: Rewatching Freaks and Geeks.
  • Playing: Lately? Nothing. :(
  • Eating: Had pizza rolls for lunch. Shameful, I know!
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper. Legit.
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DepressedDreamer Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh Andrew, I wish I checked deviantart more! I was at Momocon for the first time ever this year and would have love to come by and pounce on you! And of course, buy stuff too. I miss you! <3
DrewGreen Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
Oy! I wish I had known! But hey, I might get a table for next year. I would like a table at AWA but I think it's too late for that. :/
Busiris Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
I hope everything went well for you! I saw you had some really cool things for sale too judging from tumblr and twitter. :3 The mini comic looks cook, hopefully we can see more and/or purchase a copy sometime! :D
spicysteweddemon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I just moved to Atlanta so I'll try to come!
DrewGreen Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Oh rad! Please do! I'd love to meet sometime even if you can't come to the convention.
Tigsie Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Awe, wish I could go. I'll be in the area next week for FWA!
DrewGreen Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Well I'm sure that'll be fun!
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